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Why us?

We are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who snores around the glob.

global wellbeing

We're building one of the smartest and most innovative models of snoring pre-diagnostics and treatment to be used at home. Use our analytic App Goodsomnia Lab+ and try our superior stop-snoring solution when it becomes available.

We collaborate with teams of professors, doctors, engineers and developers in an environment of snoring treatment and sleep medicine, that makes our technology more advanced and innovative. We also invite researchers around the globe to help us achieve our mission.

We're creating products and solutions that could help the over 2 billion people who snore to improve their life-quality and well-being through our stop-snoring treatment and health screening.

Snoring as the world problem

38db is average decibel level of a snore

of people age 30 and older snore


of people age 40 and older snore


of women snore


of people who say their partner snores


of children snore


of people who snore also experience sleep apnea

30% of population’s world-wide snore or suffer from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) problem.

Nature of snoring

The snorting or groaning sounds made in the breath while sleeping are important symptoms of many health disorders, disrupt sleep, cause stress in sleeping partners and in their extreme form may cause death.

Snoring is the sound generated when the narrow opening between the mouth and throat (airway) is obstructed, making the soft palate vibrate. It can be an indicator of severe allergies, respiratory diseases (chronic nasal catarrh and colds), enlarged tonsils and adenoids, nasal polyps, insomnia or even depression.

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Free snoring test

How deep is your snoring problems?

How much do you know about your snoring? Take our free digital pre-diagnostic test from Goodsomnia

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What we do?

Monitoring Panel

Goodsomnia Lab

Snoring recording, detection, and analytics app platform

Goodsomnia Web-doctor\ Physician get:

Patient health statistics, early detection of the health risks, syndrome analysis ECG, monitoring the dynamics of treatment, weekly / monthly reports about your health, regardless of where you are

You and your trusted person get:

Daily / permanent health statistics, timely consultation from your doctor; Reducing the cost and timing of treating snoring; Forecast of dynamics of health; Tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Stop-snoring device Goodsomnia

The world's new non-invasive stop-snoring device with the patent technology

Smart Health Tracker with ECG

Smart bracelet with sensors for sleep tracking, body movement monitoring, heart rate and oxygen saturation

Smart Pulse Oximeter with PPG

Measures the blood oxygen saturation and heart rate of a human body via finger artery with high accuracy

ECG Heart State Dashboard

Goodsomnia technology tracks how your heart reacts to everyday activity and groups the info for the four blocks: Stamina level, Heart muscle state, heart rhythm disturbances and Emotional state.

Biomarkers and parameters:
  • Intensity of snoring (snoring and breathing graph);
  • Tracking of light, deep and REM sleep stages and wakings;
  • Heart rate monitoring;
  • Blood oxygen level monitoring;
  • Body movement during the night;
  • Perfusion Index monitoring;

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