Do you snore? Use our advanced app to track your snore.

We aim to help you sleep healthily - without snoring.

The stop-snoring solution

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Some people have already tried this new smart pre-diagnosis app. Press the button «Start recording» before your sleep and the outstanding algorithm will detect your snoring, record it and show detailed analytics.


Track your sleep activity every night

Detect your snoring

analyze and improve your health


Record and replay your snoring sounds


Monitor sleep and snoring statistics


Pair the app with our devices for best results


Share MP3 file and your Health report with a therapist


Track how your heart reacts to everyday activities

What if you really snore?

If you snore, you can't get enough energy after a night´s rest. As a result, poor memory, poor personal performance, and concentration, irritability may occur in everyday life. It's an important to determine the problem and to avoid serious consequences for your health and relationship.

Snoring can give you symptoms of:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • weight gain
  • diabetes
  • Alzheimers
  • cancer
  • heart disease.

We have a great solution for heart health diagnosis - Goodsomnia ECG Analytics service.


Get to know your sleep better

as your health depends on you getting enough
and relaxed sleep!

Provides information about
snoring remedies and factors

ECG report allows
you to track how your heart reacts to everyday

Run in background mode,
possibility to delay recording

Personal profile and BMI

Outstanding snore detection

Detailed sleep and snoring

Measure the volume and
intensity of snoring

Recording time up is to 10 hours
during sleep

An algorithm from the Goodsomnia Lab detects all snoring sounds and allows you to see it as a snoring graph. Therefore, you can easily pre-diagnose a problem by yourself and even share your health report with your doctor. Feel more rested and healthy! This new app also helps you get on track with your sleep and reminds you when you’re not getting enough rest.

Study risk: snoring & heart disease

We know that
snoring makes
breathing difficult

It leads to thickening of the arteries that can be the first sign of an increased risk of stroke and arteriosclerosis, two conditions that can affect the heart. Goodsomnia Lab includes ECG reports. They will help you to analyze:

  • Overall heart well-being score;
  • Risk of heart disorders or events (stroke, infarct);
  • ECG signs of heart failure;
  • Heart rhythm disturbances;
  • Heart bio-age;
  • Heart muscle state;
  • Heart rate;
  • Myocardium Score;
  • Overload of the heart's left ventricular;
  • Adaptivity potential;
  • Emotional state;
  • Stress index;
  • Bioenergy;
  • Stamina score;
  • Fatigue score.

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Pre-diagnosis at home
only takes 3 steps:

Download Goodsomnia Lab on your smartphone or tablet and create your Personal Account


Goodsomnia ECG Analytics service will generate the detailed heart health reports and inform you about cardiac risks in the early stage.


Start your first recording and monitor your snoring trends after the fourth record.


Open the App and press the
button "Start recording" before
you go to sleep


Pair Goodsomnia Lab and our devices

Integration with

They allow you to monitor your health condition before and after treatment of the snore, and also during all your life if you need it. Goodsomnia technology track how your heart reacts to everyday activity and shows: Stamina level, Heart muscle state, heart rhythm disturbances and Emotional state. Using our family of devices, you can monitor your Blood oxygen level, Perfusion Index, Heart rate and quality of sleep.

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