Electrodes for Sleep sensor

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Disposable, adhesive offset patches (50 or 100 pieces), with wet gel, for an adult

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These disposable electrodes are connected to Goodsomnia HeartBeat ECG that registers the heart’s electrical activity in waveforms.


They include a wet gel with good adhesion to ensure a strong signal quality during monitoring ECG. The non-woven patches are perfect for everyday (day and night) use and person comfort.


The electrodes have to be placed in the middle of the chest. Depending on your needs, you can choose packages with 50 or 100 pieces (for every measurement you need three pieces).


Instructions for use

  1. Determine application sites. We recommend removing any excess hair and ensuring the skin is clear of any oils, creams, fluids, dirt or other impediments to good electric contact. Degreasing and mild skin abrasion is recommended for ECG measurement.
  2. Connect HeartBeat ECG to the electrodes.
  3. Remove the plastic cover and position HeartBeat ECG on the skin.
  4. Smooth tape, foam, or other backing with your finger as necessary.
  5. Start ECG measurement on Goodsomnia Lab+.
  6. Keep any unused electrodes in the original pouch. Close the opened pouch and fold-over top of pouch once or twice.
  7. Dispose the electrodes after use.



  • Do not open pouch until immediately prior to use.
  • Do not apply electrodes over skin folds, bony protuberances, cuts, lesions, scar tissue or infections.
  • Be careful if you are hypersensitive. Due to high adhesion strength of the adhesive material, this product is not suitable for use on fragile skin.
  • Use only in combination with approved device Goodsomnia HeartBeat ECG.
  • Not suitable for use on newborn or premature infants.
  • Do not use if the gel is dry or discolored.



  • Please store electrodes in a cool dry place.
  • Unused electrodes should be stored in the pouch with open end folded shut.
  • Suggest to use out within 15-30 days after opening.
Pack (units)

50, 100


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