Goodsomnia Pocket ECG

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The Lead I electrocardiograph which is smaller than a credit card. It can be used wherever you are (Shipping – July 2018)

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Goodsomnia Pocket ECG is an ECG device smaller than a credit card which can be used wherever you are. You just need to place one finger of each hand on the device for about 3 minutes to register the ECG for the data to be accessible and analyzed in your Goodsomnia Lab app and in our Analytics platform.


You can further analyze, compare statistics, view old or live data and share all your data in our Analytics platform. There is also an option to set alarms, for example for your partner or doctor etc. An Internet connection is a must.


The single-lead\dual-lead electrocardiogram recorded by the product could be significant for judgment of arrhythmia and an important reference for medical personnel.  The product can be used for ECG measurement of the general population for early indications of heart-related diseases or for daily monitoring of cardiac patients.


When you buy this Goodsomnia ECG device you get 2 ECG records analysis for testing.


Product structure


Before the test, relax for 5 minutes.

“System start”: Before taking a measurement, press Power once, and the device will enter into work mode, with the green lamp blinking.


“Indicator”: Work status indicator of the device. The green light indicates the device is normal. The orange light indicates the battery should be replaced. Normally a battery will last for 6 months if used once daily.


“Electrode”: Signal collection electrode. During measurement, press the electrodes slightly with one finger of each hand till the measurement is ended. Do not touch your two hands during measurement.


“Lead wire interface”: Connector for external single lead. For measuring precordial lead electrocardiogram. “Battery cover”: Open the cover to install the battery, CR2025. After the battery is installed, be sure to fasten the cover properly by pressing the locking part back.


Lead I and II monitoring is easy to perform:

  1. Lead I – grip the device with two hands, placing one finger of each hand on one of the electrode plates. Do not touch your two hands during the measurement.
  2. Lead II – First of all, you need to buy Y-cardiolyse cable for ECG and adhesive patches. Read the data from the right wrist and left ankle by using the externally connectable lead. The two electrodes at the end of the lead are fastened with self-adhesive pads.


Functional description

Home or clinic detection

Use it at home. This device is fully compatible with smart mobile phones (Goodsomnia Lab app) to record ECG data.

Health tracking algorithm

Track your overall heart wellbeing score, Stamina levels, Adaptivity potential, Emotional state, Stress index, Heart rhythm disturbances, Heart rate, Heart bio age, Risk of heart events, Heart muscle state.

Remote sharing

Share your report with a doctor or with a loved one. The ECG report can be sent to doctors in a convenient way or you can see and share it in our Goodsomnia Analytics platform.

Smart aided reading of ECG

The testing data is automatically uploaded for intelligent algorithm aided analysis at or Analytics platform.

Product brochure Pocket ECG product brochure.pdf
Product name

Goodsomnia Pocket ECG




Single channel (Lead I)


2 extra integrated electrodes or external Leads

Electric Shock Protection type


Internal Power Supply

DC 3.0 V

Power Consumption

7 mA

Continuous Working Time 1 time per day measurement, 1 min

With a New battery, 12h 9 months

A/D Converter

16 bit

Sampling Rate

512 Hz

Way of Data Transmission

BLE 4.0

Battery type



84 mm x 34 mm x 4 mm


15 gram

Normal Environment Use

Temperature: 0-45 C, Humidity: 10%-95%, Atmosphere Pressure: 860 hPa-1060 hPa

Storage and transportation environment

Temperature: -22-55 C, Humidity: 10%-95%, Atmosphere Pressure: 860 hPa-1060 hPa

External single lead wire. Optional

93 cm. For measurement of precordial lead electrocardiogram

Application (APP) Software Software name

Goodsomnia Lab, Goodsomnia ECG analytics

Software version

1.6 and above

APP software configuration requirements. Application system

Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop




Dual Core 1.0 GHz and above


4G and above


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