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What we do

Goodsomnia offers a unique all-in-one solution to help people overcome snoring through detection, analysis and treatment. As an add-on, our App monitors heart health issues based on ECG analysis that can arise from snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Our goal is to help the globe's 1.3 billion snorers by focusing on the €1.6bn snoring device niche and the €7bn sleep apnea sector.

Product updates

We offer innovative screening solutions for Goodsomnia App users who have snoring or health-related problems. These can be used at home for a better understanding of health issues and successful treatment. See more product updates on our blog.

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Current status

We're at pre-revenue and pre-launch stage with our core patented technology, Goodsomnia Stop-snoring device. In October 2019 we launched the Goodsomnia Lab App Premium subscription (Android).

Press releases

Check our published press releases for updated Goodsomnia developments and news.

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Media kit

If you're interested in receiving more information about Goodsomnia, download our Media Kit and contact us about possible cooperation.

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