Smart stop-snoring device

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The new effective non-invasive snoring treatment. CE and Medical approved (Coming soon, 2018).

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A new generation easy-to-use stop-snoring device is preparing to launch.


The world’s latest non-invasive device, from Goodsomnia, is a medically, clinically approved stimulator that targets the soft palate muscles. It means there’s no need to wear anything in or out of bed in solving your snoring problems.


The innovative device increases blood flow and stimulates the muscle, toning the soft palate, making them stronger and tighter, so they don’t vibrate and cause snoring.


Goodsomnia’s device permanently tackles the cause of snoring, offering a solution for long-time sufferers and their loved ones. This is the best way to prevent and eliminate snoring or sleep apnea, meaning a final solution for the 40 percent of men and 19 percent of women who are habitual snorers. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, the device offers solutions based on scientifically developed methods and our study of snoring.


The device is held against the soft palate muscles or bottom of the tongue, using a changeable head with soft medical silicone balls for comfortable muscle stimulation. Goodsomnia’s patented device gives noticeable results after the first use and is recommended to use for just 30 seconds a day, 10-20 days at a time. It may give long-term results, making it an unobtrusive solution to use both at home and while travelling.

Use the device together with Goodsomnia Lab app to get insights into your snoring and share the information with your doctor.


You can create a treatment schedule that is tracked by the Goodsomnia Analytics Platform and finally eliminates your snoring.


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