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On our way to improve quality of the 2 billion lives

Goodsomnia is evolving the way health screening and improving works, with a focus on snoring/sleep apnea detection, analysis and heart health monitoring. These are aided by visualization of changes and indicators of possible future heart disease risks.

We're on a mission to improve the quality of lives of 2 billion people globally

By seamlessly connecting people to health testing and monitoring through our mobile App software, we make testing more accessible and affordable, creating greater user insight and more touch points for health service partners.

Who are we?

Behind every great technological achievement, there is a great teamwork!

Our mission is to revolutionize the global healthcare system and human well-being. We strive to transform and improve human health around the globe with the most progressive tools for health screening and testing. By using advanced intelligent algorithms and innovative technologies we can detect, prevent and eliminate snoring problems.

Goodsomnia is an innovative company, which works in Digital Health, focusing on snoring elimination solutions and health-screening technologies, using a patented hardware device, compact ECG devices and our own SaaS platform. Powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, with state-of-the-art tools, the company is trying to improve the health and life of everyone with a snoring problem!

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Our ecosystem of products

The power of the state-of-the-art technologies

Goodsomnia’s ecosystem of products helps people live healthier lives by providing personalized insights into how they sleep, breath and snore during the night. It also helps to analyze heart health and possible illness in the future. The company’s approach to snoring elimination solutions is unique, with patented technology.

Goodsomnia, backed by Swedish and Ukrainian investments, is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with software development company in Kharkiv-Ukraine, Bangalore-India and hardware development and production in Shenzhen-China. Goodsomnia products will be available and can be used globally regardless of where you are.


Our aim

Our aim is to connect detection of physiological signals with smart data services through analysis to make treatment much more effective. Today, Goodsomnia has collected a big community of passionate people, who aspire to build a company of innovators and investors, committed to using the innovations in Digital Health and Medical Technologies, data science, mobile tech, IoT, and Machine Learning to preserve human health and wellness.


Jan 2016

On a mission to change the global healthcare system, Hans-Jorgen Henriksson founded Goodsomnia AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

Aug 2017

Goodsomnia AB launches its first B2C pilot program. Goodsomnia Lab is here:

We officially name the Goodsomnia AB mobile app, which simplifies onsite heart health-screening and snoring detection at home

Oct 2017

Goodsomnia AB begins transforming the global wellness landscape by offering at-home test tools that detect chronic conditions including snoring and mild sleep apnea.

Dec 2017

Goodsomnia AB commits to build a global network of health testing and wellness partners and make a health screening platform available to the users, labs, and physicians, including academic access.

Mar 2018

We publicly announced development of the Goodsomnia Analytics Platform, the first unified solution for managing all aspects of a health testing program, including snoring analytics and heart health analysis.

Apr 2018

Goodsomnia AB launched a pre-order campaign for the Sleep sensor and ECG device, which are compatible with Goodsomnia Lab app (IOS and Android version).

May 2018

Goodsomnia AB obtains a patent for its stop-snoring device.

July 2018

Goodsomnia AB opens an official company in Ukraine and was awarded as a TOP Digital Health Start-up in Europe by Startupbootcamp - global start-up accelerator.


Management team

Hans-Jörgen Henriksson

Founder & CEO

Robert Aslund


Oksana Pashchenko

Senior of Product & Global
Marketing Manager

Andrey Fadeev

Senior Software

Alyona Budai

Digital Marketing

Medical board of advisory


Illya Chaikovsky

PhD in medical cybernetics (Ukraine), Doctor of medicine (Germany).


Gregory Garuk

Head of Otolaryngology and Pediatrik Otolaryngology Department of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.


Yana Gomza

ex. Head of Otolaryngology Department at Alexander City Clinical Hospital and National Medical University.

General board of advisory


Nick Sohnemann

Innovative Technology Advisor


Carl Zidé

Marketing and PR Advisor

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