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We are on a mission to help people around the globe who experience snoring and related health problems to improve their quality of life, building on our progressive tools and innovative technology.

Who we are?

Goodsomnia is striving to become a global digital health company that provides a unique, patented, clinically proven, innovative approach to control snoring and related problems, continuing our snore research and developing unique innovations.

Goodsomnia is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a software development company in Kharkiv, Ukraine and hardware development in Shenzhen-China. Our goal is to help 1.3 billion people around the globe who snore.

Our awards

Awarded TOP 16 Healthcare IoT solution 2019 out of more than 500 breakthrough submissions in October 2019

Dusseldorf, Germany

Awarded for our innovation by Vinnova - the Swedish Innovation Agency in May 2019

Stockholm, Sweden

Awarded "Seal of Excellence" by the European Commission in March 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Awarded TOP Digital Health start-up in Europe out of 3000 start-ups in September 2018

Berlin, Germany

Our ecosystem of products

Goodsomnia offers a unique solution to help people who snore. We are offering an all-in-one solution for snoring detection, analysis and treatment. Another part of our App, as an add-on, monitors heart health (based on ECG analysis) that may arise from snoring.

  • With the Goodsomnia device, there is nothing to wear or use during the night
  • It only needs to be used for 30-60 seconds a day for about three weeks
  • The effect may last up to a few months before the need to repeat
  • Goodsomnia reduces snoring, not just masks it
  • Goodsomnia Lab offers in-depth snoring analysis with an easy to use treatment progress tracking powered by AI

Our approach

Goodsomnia has its own patented and scientifically documented technology for snoring prevention based on biomechanical muscle stimulation that strengthens the soft palate and can be used at home.

Our team is also evolving the way sleep events are analysed, with a focus on clinically tested snoring detection and comorbid symptoms assessment. It helps to visualize changes and monitor heart health.

By offering a free snoring analysis mobile app software, we make testing accessible, helping users obtain more information about snoring as a hidden health risk.


Apr 2016

On a mission to change the global healthcare system, Hans-Jorgen Henriksson founded Goodsomnia AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

Oct 2017

Goodsomnia launches its first software product Goodsomnia Lab app. We offer a mobile app, which simplifies onsite snoring detection and heart health screening at home.

May - Jun 2018

Goodsomnia AB obtains its first patent for a stop-snoring device in Sweden with an open PCT. Opens an official company in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and assembles a marketing and development team.

Sep - Nov 2018

Awarded Top 10 in Digital Health start-ups in Europe out of 3000, evaluated by Startupbootcamp.

Jan 2019

Goodsomnia AB completed its Patent Cooperation Treaty for the EU, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Turkey, USA, and Canada.

Mar 2019

Awarded "Seal of Excellence" by European Commission as an excellent project proposal.

May 2019

Awarded for innovation by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency.

June 2019

Starts development of the 2nd generation stop-snoring device. Proof of technology fulfilled in July.

Oct 2019

Official launch of Goodsomnia Lab Premium app based on AI technology.

Nov 2019

Awarded “TOP 15 Healthcare IoT solution 2019” from more than 500 breakthrough submissions by Innovation World Cup Series.

Nov - Dec 2019

Second generation of the stop-snoring prototype ready for technology validation and clinical tests.


Our team

Hans-Jörgen Henriksson

Founder & CEO

Robert Aslund

Investor & CTO

Andrey Fadeev

AI/ML Software Engineer

Viktoriia Trushevych

Goodsomnia Ukraine Manager

Volodymyr Honchar

Full Stack Web Developer

Medical advisory board


Illya Chaikovsky

PhD in medical cybernetics (Ukraine), Doctor of medicine (Germany)


Gregory Garuk

Head of Otolaryngology and Pediatrik Otolaryngology Department of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education


Oleg Garuk

Director ENT Clinic Garuk

Business advisory board


Lars Buch

Managing Director SBC Digital Health Berlin


Thorsten Mintel

Director Customer Operations, Pfizer


Nick Sohnemann

Innovative Technology Advisor


Carl Zidé

Marketing and PR Advisor

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