Deep snoring analysis at home

Goodsomnia Lab app is the easiest way to know if you snore. This app allows you to record snoring, detect snoring sounds and track snoring treatment progress. The app helps to analyze health risks from snoring and changing physiological parameters while you sleep.

Goodsomnia Lab gives valuable recommendations and conclusions based on individual results. This snore tracker will also support the company's core technology - the Goodsomnia Stop-snoring device, during the product usage cycles.

For anyone, to use at home
No credit cards required Get started
  • Snoring audio recording;
  • Snoring detection and score;
  • Alarm clock;
  • Sleep goal tracking;
  • Morning feelings tracking;
  • Factors tracking;
  • Sleep notes;
  • Weight tracking (BMI);
  • Full-featured "Snoring intensity analysis" section (1 trial night only);
  • Full-featured "Conclusion" section (1 trial night only);
  • Full-featured "Risk analysis" section (1 trial night only);
  • Unlimited customer support;
  • Free of ads;
  • Client-side data storage only;
  • Bedtime notification;
  • Free sleep goal tracking (sleep dept or oversleep);
  • BMI automatic calculation;
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For anyone, to use at home
Everything in Free, plus:
  • Full-featured "Snoring intensity analysis" section (unlimited);
  • Full-featured "Risk analysis" section (unlimited);
  • Full-featured "Conclusion" section (unlimited);
  • Full-featured "Recommendations" section (unlimited);
  • Sleep report in .pdf format (Q4, 2019);
  • Edit function for a snore graph (Q4, 2019);
  • Export/import of a sleep report (audio + sleep statistics);
  • Print a sleep report (Q4, 2019);
  • Trends for a snoring treatment progress tracking;
  • Trends report in .pdf format (Q4, 2019);
  • Data storage on the Secure-cloud and sync with all the devices.;
  • Goodsomnia Lab web dashboard access (Q4, 2019);
  • Dedicated customer success manager;
  • Personalized onboarding program;
  • Premium support;
  • Weekly email reporting about health statistics.;
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For private doctors or clinic
Goodsomnia Analytics Platform Contact us
Everything in Premium, plus:

Under construction

  • Professional multifunctional health dashboard with alarm notification;
  • The innovative monitoring of patients with an advanced control of health state during the snoring or heart illness treatment programme with Statistics 360;
  • Specialized help from our Customer success team, plus same day support to ensure you’re successful with Goodsomnia Analytics Platform;
  • Custom branding. Put logo of your company to the Dashboard. With custom branding, you’re able to customize Goodsomnia Analytics Platform with your own logo;
  • Data export (ECG or Sleep information) only after a full consent from the patient to share data with third party;
  • Patients provisioning and deprovisioning;
  • See patients progress across the treatment program with trends and the critical moments;
  • Track anything you need for the successful patient treatment;
  • Set up and manage complex treatment program of your patients.
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Health risk analysis (based on ECG)

Goodsomnia Health risk analysis (based on ECG) add-on allows you to check and control the state of your heart health and general well-being at home. We track the personal ECG baseline, providing personalised recommendations and helping to enhance the state of your health. Transform your device into a healthcare assistant with Goodsomnia Health risk analysis.

Monthly amount
Extra features you will get:
Average QRS complex; Heart rhythm events analysis; ECG Score for the following parameters:
  • Overall heart well-being score;
  • Risk of heart disorders or events (stroke, infarct);
  • ECG Signs of Heart Failure;
  • Heart rhythm disturbances;
  • Heart bio-age;
  • Heart muscle state;
  • Heart rate;
  • Myocardium Score;
  • Overload of the heart's left ventricular;
  • Adaptivity potential;
  • Emotional state;
  • Stress index;
  • Bioenergy;
  • Stamina score;
  • Fatigue score;
  • ECG graph.
Including a general conclusion and recommendation
What sensors you will need for that:

The minimalist device that provides the user with real-time or nightly/daily ECG data to monitor heart health.

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Pocket ECG

The Lead I electrocardiograph which is smaller than a credit card. It can be used wherever you are.

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Use cases:
  • You just want to make a pre-diagnostic at home and trying to control your health condition in everyday life;
  • You have a problem with your heart health and need to have ability to track a heart health state every day, especially when you starting to use a new type of pills;
  • You snore, or have a sleep apnea and want to track your sleep quality during treatment program, to see how your overall well-being improves day by day.


What is included in the Premium subscription? Why do I need it?
Subscribe for unlimited access to the Goodsomnia Lab app. The premium account will help you to detect snoring sounds during the night and analyse how it is developing in time. The app helps to track snoring treatment progress or to be ready to visit an ENT doctor powered by the advanced statistics.
Will the subscription work on all my iOS/Android devices?
Yes. You will be able to access your subscription on any iOS or Android device as long as you use the same ID (email address) on these devices.
Will I be able to use the Goodsomnia Lab app without an internet connection?
Yes. If you have an active subscription, the sleep sounds will remain unlocked for several days if you go offline, but you can only use the sounds and samples that you have already downloaded to your device.
Will my monthly subscription renew automatically?
Yes. Your subscription will auto-renew unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The period starts on the day you subscribe and runs for a month or year depending on which plan you choose.
What are the payment options?
Subscriptions are handled by the App Store’s and Google Play Market’s payment system and the options for paying are the same as when buying an app or in-app purchases. You can pay with either the credit card connected to your Apple/Google ID or use an iTunes gift card.
How do cancel my subscription?
Open the Manage Subscriptions page where you can cancel any App Store/Google Play Market subscriptions. If the link does not work, open the App Store or Google Play Market app and tap your avatar in the top right corner to find the page.
What happens to my sleep reports and trends if I cancel my premium subscription?
If you cancel the premium subscription, your sleep reports and the trends will be stored in the app only locally (you will lose all the data if you reinstall the app). However, you have to reactivate your subscription if you want to edit any sleep reports in your app or to use all the app features.
Why is the app premium features still locked even though I have an active subscription?
If the app is not able to properly validate your purchase, please tap "Restore Purchases" in the "Subscription" tab. If this does not work, please contact support and we will get back to you shortly.