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Subscription to Goodsomnia Lab app with advanced functionality for your sleep/snoring analytics

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The best way to know more about your sleep quality and snoring (or possible sleep apnea) is using Premium subscription of Goodsomnia Lab. The free version of the stop snoring app has limited functionality and a trial period of 7 night’s sleep recordings. After this, you can use the app for recording snoring, but the snore detection algorithm will be available for only 3 night’s’ sleep recordings and store records on the secure cloud.

Furthermore, using the Premium subscription of this snoring recorder app together with Goodsomnia ECG devices makes it possible to monitor your sleep and test yourself at home, to get valuable insights about your health.

It is a helpful tool if you have a snoring problem and want to track your sleep quality during the treatment program, to see how your overall well-being improves day by day.

Premium subscription includes the features of the Free snore monitor app version and also:

  • Advanced snoring (sleep apnea coming soon) detection algorithm unlimited usage;
  • Ability to generate an all-in-one Sleep and Snore report, with .pdf readable format and all available parameters and graphs (incl. ECG records if you use our HeartBeat ECG at night and ECG reading app);
  • Unlimited health statistics dashboards (in-app or in-web);
  • Snore or Sleep apnea events score trends;
  • Import or Export of the Sleep reports (in mp4 format);
  • Printing of the Sleep reports (.pdf) for off-line consultation with your doctor;
  • Sleep efficiency trends (incl. sleep stages and quality, movements in the bed, waking – if you will use Goodsomnia extra devices during the night, such us HeartBeat ECG or others);
  • Cumulative statistics about lack of sleep;
  • Blood oxygenation and Blood perfusion Index trends (with the Goodsomnia Pulse Oximeter);
  • Heart rate trends (if you use HeartBeat ECG);
  • Heart health trends (for all ECG parameters and biomarkers if you use add-on Goodsomnia ECG Analysis with our ECG devices);
  • Ability to see ECG Analysis detailed report via Goodsomnia Analytics Platform (web portal);
  • Snoring treatment scheduling and progress tracking under your doctor’s control;
  • Unlimited custom access for third-party to watch your health statistics (for web portal);
  • Weekly email reporting about your health statistics;
  • Priority support.

There are 2 types of subscription available that depend on the time of use and your preferences – for a month or for a year. Know more about pricing to ECG records analysis and all available subscription plans here. Try one of the most informative anti snoring apps.


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