Goodsomnia Sleep sensor (incl. ECG)

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The minimalist device that provides the user with real-time or nightly ECG data to monitor sleep events (Shipping – Q4 2020)

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Goodsomnia Sleep sensor is an intelligent, chest-based wearable health tracker with smart state-of-the-art ECG sensor to read your vital signs and sleep events with ease. Sleep sensor together with Goodsomnia Lab app allows you to track your ECG, Heart rate, Body movements and chart data, during your sleep.

Keeping track of your heart’s health can give you valuable information about your overall health condition and also signal potential heart problems. With all-weather 12 hours continuous monitoring of your health data, everything you need to know fits in the palm of your hand.

When you buy this Goodsomnia device you get Goodsomnia Lab Premium subscription for 3 months.

Functional description

  • Real-time monitoring of multi-parameters with built-in body posture sensor – ECG, Heart rate, Body positions;
  • Ultra-lightweight/ thin and minimalist;
  • Comfortable fit for every night use.

Heath screening algorithm. Check your overall heart well-being score, Stamina levels, Adaptivity potential, Emotional state, Stress index, Heart rhythm disturbances, Heart rate, Heart bio-age, Risk of cardiac episodes, Heart muscle state.

The Sleep sensor collects reliable, accurate ECG and physical activity data in real-life situations, day and night.

The technology is highly suited to long-term ECG telemonitoring of people in their home environment. The unique combination of features provides a solid foundation for home health self-screening.

Once a request for a professional medical report is submitted by a user using Goodsomnia Lab app and Analytics platform, he or she will obtain a detailed waveform analysis and wellness parameters, as well as vital health indications.

The blue light flashes when the device is connected and the red light reminds when the device is on but disconnected. The automatic connection is simple and easy to operate.

Product brochure HeartBeat ECG product brochure.pdf

54 mm x 61 mm x 9 mm

Shell material

ABS + antibacterial plastics

Net weight

20 grams

Battery capacity

≥ 170mAh

Indicator light status

Flashing, Steady Internal

Power supply

DC 3.7V

Sample rate


Charging time

<2 hour

Standby time


Continuous monitoring time


Charging voltage

DC 5.0V-300mA

Operating Current


Channel number

Single channel

IP protection class

Acquisition unit IPX5, charging unit IPX0

Application (APP) Software Software name

Goodsomnia Lab, Goodsomnia ECG analytics

Software version

1.5 and above

APP software configuration requirements. Application system

Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop


Dual Core 1.0GHz and above


4G and above

Memory size

1G and above

Display Screen

1280*720 and above

Operation system

Android 5.0 and above, IOS 9.0 and above

Data transmission

BLE 4.0



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  1. Bill

    Hi! How do I get an ECG reading through your app? Do I need Heartbeat ecg or Pocket? Thanks

    • Goodsomnia Team

      Hi, dear Bill!
      We offer 2 ECG sensors for ECG recording and heart health analysis. You can use Pocket ECG for 3 mins ECG recording and analytics, or HeartBeat ECG for all night ECG recording and also for 3 mins ECG recording and analytics. Feel free to ask any question you have.
      Your Goodsomnnia Team

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