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Snoring & Sleep apnea

What’s the solution to snoring?

admin 234 views December 19, 2019

Most people only seek a snoring solution when it disturbs their sleep or their close ones. However, the faster you recognize the problem, the easier it will be to treat it.

While snoring depends on personal circumstances, there are several things – adopting a healthy lifestyle, a regular sleep routine and implementing room hygiene standards – that can improve your condition. If your snore is a symptom of a sleep disorder like OSA, treatment will be more complicated.

Stop-snoring solutions that help

To make treatment more effective, examine your snore first. You can do this with the help of a snore recorder app as it measures the characteristics of your snore and based on the data offers some free snoring solutions. If your snore intensity is moderate to severe, treatment options should be discussed with a specialist.

Popular over-the-counter snoring solutions include throat sprays, nasal strips and various mouthpieces that keep your airways open by fixing the jaw or tongue. Another popular device is a CPAP machine which balances the air pressure to your mouth through the mask and, thus, prevents sleep interruptions.

Sometimes doctors recommend surgery as a stop-snoring solution. Surgical intervention, such as removing enlarged tonsils, can prove useful.

Goodsomnia stop-snoring device: a new solution for snoring

Goodsomnia’s new stop-snoring device is a non-invasive remedy that can help eliminate even long-term snoring problems. Looking like an electronic toothbrush without the brushes, its vibrating silicone head is applied to the soft palate or back of the tongue for 30 seconds to stimulate blood flow and keep throat muscles toned.

The stop-snoring device is innovative and could become one of the most effective snoring solutions. It guarantees long-term results after just a couple of weeks of regular use as it targets the problem directly and causes zero discomfort.

Before looking for the best snoring solution, assess your snore first. Eliminate possible risk factors, create a favourable sleep routine, and monitor your bedtime behaviour. Having such information means you can find the quickest way to overcome it.


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