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Snoring & Sleep apnea

Snoring: is there a cure?

admin 568 views October 17, 2019

Myths busted: there are no remedies for snoring. Surgery is not an option, and sleep sedatives don’t work. Today we’ll answer the most concerning questions: Is there a cure for snoring? Can we reduce snoring naturally and how can I cure snoring while sleeping? 

Causes of snoring and cure

Instead of asking is there any cure for snoring, we should focus on ways to reduce it. There are no snoring remedies, but as the causes and cures of snoring are tightly connected, you can cope with snoring by looking at its reasons.

Snoring causes are vast from allergies to the anatomy of your mouth. The most common are nasal problems like chronic nasal congestion and the anatomy of your soft palate. But alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, being overweight, and sleeping position are also issues. The best way to find the causes and cures for snoring is to consult a doctor. 

Natural ways to cure snoring

Visiting a doctor is a must, but surgery is not the only one way out. To help you pick the best natural way to cure snoring, we’ve gathered a list of throat snoring cures. Though, you don’t need to limit yourself with only one. 

  1. Avoid alcohol consumption
  2. Control your weight or lose it if you’re overweight
  3. Set and keep to a sleeping schedule
  4. Avoid using sleep sedatives
  5. Stop smoking
  6. Sleep on the side not on your back
  7. Sleeping seven to eight hours is perfect
  8. Choose what is best for you.

Cure snoring fast

Natural ways have one disadvantage; they are usually long term. In case of sleep diseases, like OSA, you need to get rid of snoring soon. For a person who wants to know how to cure snoring fast, there’re many options:

  1. Use oral appliances.
  2. Use nasal strips. Before choosing, check reviews as the market is full of variants.
  3. Use a CPAP machine: a mask that fits over your face and can often treat OSA.
  4. Use anti-snoring devices. You can try Goodsomnia stop-snoring device. It works directly against snoring. It stimulates the muscle, tones and tightens the soft palate, so they don’t vibrate and cause snoring.
  5. Somnoplasty. It’s a new snore cure that involves using low-intensity radio waves to shrink the tissue on your soft palate to reduce snoring.

Cures for snoring men

Statistically, men are more likely to snore than women, and usually, it’s due to their air passages being narrower. So, surgery is among the cures for snoring men to help them get back to regular breathing activity. 

“Can you cure snoring without surgery?” It’s possible. By using Goodsomnia stop-snoring device regularly and massaging the soft palate periodically, you can forget about snoring for some time. To keep the effect, you need to repeat the procedure. All existing remedies and cures for snoring are usually created for men as they’re in a higher risk zone. So, if you wondered how to cure snoring in men, things like lifestyle and sleeping position changes may apply. 


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