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Snore recording app: 5 facts you need to know

admin 530 views September 13, 2019

When snoring crosses the line of ‘acceptable’ and starts bothering either you or close ones, it’s high time to take some real action. In practice, people tend to underestimate snoring as a problem and don’t hurry to refer to a doctor.

Recently, medicine and technology came up with a convenient and innovative option: a snore recorder app. It gathers information about your snoring and gives a general idea of the problem.

All you need to do is download the app to record snoring, and turn it on before going to bed. While you’re sleeping, the app will be recording your snore. In the morning, you turn off the record and can write how you feel after sleep. In the end, the snore recorder analyzes both the audio and your notes, and gives a detailed picture of the problem. A snore report that you get can significantly ease the diagnosis and further treatment.

5 facts about snore recording app

So, how does a snoring recorder app work? Despite the fact all apps differ in some way, there are some common features of a good snoring recorder.

  1. Tracking your sleep

The ultimate purpose of any snoring app is not just to record snoring, but to improve the overall quality of your sleep. So, it’s a huge pro when you get the info about stages of your sleep, its duration and depth, resting heart rate, etc. As snoring patterns can change from stage to stage, a built-in sleep tracker ensures advanced tools for snoring interpretation. It sounds like magic, but it’s not. The app catches vibrations of your breathing and creates the report about key sleep indicators.

  1. Gathering additional info about your sleep

The quality of snore analysis increases when the app uses not only audio or vibration records, but also the written feedback after sleep. Thus, many apps ask users to describe their feelings and general state after sleep.

  1. Detecting and analyzing your snore

The most obvious function is snore analyzing. You have to give access to the phone’s audio record and switch the app on before sleep. For an accurate result, the app should exclude surrounding noise factors that can impair the analysis. When you wake up, you stop the record and let the app process the volume and frequency of snoring. After a 4- or 5-day monitoring you can see the dynamics of your problem and consider further actions.

  1. Advising lifestyle adjustments and treatment

Another advantage for people who don’t like hospitals is the list of recommendations for further treatment. Sometimes snoring can be treated by simply refining the diet or changing a sleep position.

  1. Warning health risks

Snoring is a precondition for many other diseases like obstructive apnea, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. So the record snoring app gives you can help not only eliminate the local problem, but predict and prevent risks to your future health.

When you start searching for an app that records snoring, remember the mentioned features. By the way, we can help you with a choice. Take care and check out, probably, the best app for recording snoring, Goodsomnia Lab.


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