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How sleep quality depends on sleep position

admin 519 views December 11, 2018

Several factors help improve the quality of your sleep, with the first being the correct resting position. We spend roughly one-third of our lives asleep, and being in bed for so much time affects us, our productivity and health in general.

Health indicators such as heart rate, blood circulation, mental health and quality of breathing are affected by how good our sleep is.

Thanks to mobile applications and individual health screening devices, monitoring sleep quality has become easier, and is available for everyone everywhere. They indicate what happens during sleep, if you snore, how it affects your health, and how you sleep in each position.

Sleeping on your back

Regarded the safest for the spine, particularly for the internal organs as nothing puts pressure on them and weight is evenly distributed. It`s especially useful for the correct functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, joints and optimal blood circulation.

When you sleep on your back, you do not immerse your face into the pillow which that can increase the probability of premature wrinkles or acne breakouts. It can also aggravate snoring, block the airways and lead to obstructive sleep apnea. Your spine can also be overloaded if you sleep on a too softer mattress.

Sleeping on the side

This is the most popular position, and experts agree it delivers the best night’s rest. This position is considered best for the spine, allows for better oxygen delivery and is ideal for snorers or people with sleep apnea. But a wrong mattress/pillow can ruin a good night’s rest.

Sleeping on the stomach

Considered the least suitable as the supply of oxygen to the brain decreases, the lungs may be partially collapsed and a load is created on the neck, shoulder joints, while the lower part of the spine flexes unnaturally in this position.

Sleeping on your stomach can decrease snoring. For normal breathing in this position, you have to turn your head to the side. A pillow should ideally be of air-permeable material so air can freely circulate through it.

There are different nuances to each position with some experts saying the healthiest is on the side, and others saying on the back. It’s great if you can sleep in any position, but the most natural is on the side as muscle and joint tension is minimized.


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