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3 reasons to use a sleep sound recorder

admin 360 views October 15, 2019

Our body is a box of numerous sounds, each of those carrying precious data about our health. Therefore, many diagnostic therapies imply audial testing (checking lungs, heart, stomach, etc.). We have a huge advantage now, as part of the diagnosis can be done at home using our gadgets. One of those is a night recorder app (iPhone or Android).

Sounds that we produce during sleep are super informative. The monitoring of bedtime behavior makes it easier to uncover problems that can be ‘unheard’ during the day. Maybe, it’s high time that you tried an app to record sounds while sleeping. It catches all noises you produce within a night (like talking, snoring, teeth grinding, etc.), analyzes it according to the normal indicators and makes an outline of your sleep.

Let’s find out more about the work of a free sleep recorder app.

3 reasons to use an app that records noises while you sleep

If you’ve recently experienced fatigue, drowsiness, regular headaches, the reason can be hidden in your sleep. Night voice recorders indicate factors that spoil the quality of your sleep. Below you’ll find the top features of such applications.

#1 Indication of outside noises

People may think the main reason for recording myself sleeping is to capture the inner sounds, f.e. hear myself snoring. But who said that outside noise is not harmful? Even if you don’t remember waking up from it, it has been studied that our sleep suffers from all environmental sounds like noisy neighbours, road traffic, wind roars, etc.

#2 Full report of bedtime activity

A sleep sound recorder is not simply an app that records what you say in your sleep. It also provides info about total sleep time, deep sleep duration, snoring statistics, and oversleeping/sleep debt figures. Also, if you connect the app to an extra device, f.e. Goodsomnia Pocket ECG, you can get to know your resting heart rate during the night.

#3 Prevention of serious health issues

Finally, sleep recordings help to pre-diagnose such conditions as sleep apnea, heart disease, risks of stroke or type 2 diabetes, etc. Snoring is common ground for all these disorders. Sleep monitoring can, in fact, deprive you of many undesirable problems in the future.

Check your snoring

Snoring is a very common problem among adults. It’s so common people forget it’s a problem at all. Still, it can be very dangerous from a long-term perspective. Using a phone app to monitor snoring is one of the easiest ways to prevent serious disorders.

A sleep voice recorder app usually specifies the time, duration and intensity of all snoring episodes during the night. All gathered information must be further interpreted by a specialist, who will choose the most suitable treatment and make you snore-free.

If you’ve started looking for an app to record noise while you sleep with a simple interface and extended features, you can try out Goodsomnia Lab. It’s easy and free. Take care of yourself with us!


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