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How does a sleep tracking app work?

admin 246 views September 5, 2019

Lack of sleep damages your health: you feel groggy, distracted and exposed to potential sleep-related diseases. Thanks to sleep tracking apps, people don’t need to worry over how long they sleep or how much “deep sleep” they need.

What is a sleep tracker app

While we sleep the brain works. It systemizes information, creates a memory and clears the waste. So, our body demands sleep and what’s more, we need to take control of it. The best and easiest way to do so is to start using a sleep tracker app.

If you Google “sleep tracker app” or “sleep trackers” you’ll come across a variety of apps and devices like smartwatches, smart rings, strips, and other wearables. The shape, form, and usage may be different but all apps that track your sleep have one aim – to improve your sleep. These devices monitor everything that happens behind the scenes when you sleep. From your heart rate and oxygen consumption to the number of steps you take each day, you can see how your sleep behavior changes, how sleep cycles go and what influences good and bad in your sleep. The next step is to figure out how sleep tracking apps work.

How do sleep tracking apps work?

Talking about sleep tracking apps, not a device and how it works, you should consider:

  1. Snoring recorder. By using a sleep tracking app you receive information about snore values, snoring volume, and frequency. Goodsomnia Lab includes all these. So if snoring is your main pain, check out Goodsomnia Lab. You’ll get a full report of your sleep and can share it with your doctor. It’s helpful when you want to pre-diagnosis OSA on your own.
  2. Sleep cycle analyzing. During sleep, we cycle between sleep stages. There are two: REM (rapid-eye-movement) and NREM (non-rapid-eye-movement). Each stage has its role and apps that track sleep cycles help to control how you pass through each stage. Information about the sleep cycle can be helpful for diagnosing sleep apnea or other sleep disorders as well.
  3. ECG monitoring. ECG is your heartbeat activity that includes timing, and strength. ECG represents the electrical pulses that make your heartbeat during sleep. Then an app that tracks ECG checks these pulses to get your heart rate and see if the upper and lower chambers of your heart are in rhythm. By looking at an ECG, a doctor gains insights about your heart rhythm and looks for treatment.

How to choose best apps for sleep tracking

If you’re trying to improve your sleep, a track sleep app is a good option. Doctors recommend patients keep sleep diaries, and apps do that easily. To make the right choice while searching for an android sleep tracker or best sleeping tracker app for iPhone (free sleep tracker app iPhone), be precise in your request. Ask yourself what you want:

  • figure out whether you snore or not
  • check snoring volume, frequency
  • get to know how much you sleep
  • check sleep patterns
  • detect what influences your sleep

All sleep trackers claim they are the best apps for sleep tracking. So you should be attentive when picking the right one. Question what are the key features you need and which are optional? An iPhone app that tracks your sleep and best Android sleep tracker don’t differ much. So find the perfect match for you.


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