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Get more with a new sleep report!

admin 595 views July 31, 2019

Fighting for deep and healthy sleep, you know how it is important to control its duration, quality, possible snoring, and its intensity. If you are already using Goodsomnia Lab app you know how easy it is to use for monitoring all these parameters.

This month we added new features such as snoring intensity, risk analysis for snoring level and conclusion for each sleep report. So let`s figure out what they mean and how they can assist you with a home sleep study.

General recommendations

Before using Goodsomnia Lab, be sureyou are sleeping in a quiet room, without pets and your partner doesn`t snore. It will help to get more accurate results.

Pay attention to the reports settings page as this is the first step to help you to get a more personal, accurate report. Fill in all fields and get ready to start your recording.

report settings

Snoring graph and snoring intensity

When you made a record and got your full sleep report, it`s time to dive deeper. The first part of a report is a snoring graph.

A snoring graph shows the snoring level in decibel during the night. The columns on the graph allow you to estimate the volume of snoring and the period of its occurrence. There is some classification of snoring level:

  • Mild (40-50 db)
  • Moderate (50-60 db)
  • Severe (> 60 db)

snoring graph

This parameter is measured and calculated by the outstanding snore analytics algorithm. The red color on the graph indicates as a snoring segment which was found during analysis.

Snoring analytics

Now the app provides expanded information about how bad is your snoring. You can know this by monitoring parameters such as snore value, snoring total, snoring frequency and average snoring day by day.

  • Snore value is a percentage of sleep time out of total sleep time that you snored.
  • Snoring total (h) shows the total time of snoring during the whole night record.
  • Snoring frequency (numbers per hour) is the number of snore events per hour.
  • Average snoring (dB) is measured in decibels as the snoring average value during the night.

Tracking and analysing your snoring sounds will help you to control the problem by yourself and share the reports with a doctor. You already know snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea that increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases: heart attacks, strokes. So these reports can really save your life.

snoring analytics

Sleep statistics

Healthy sleep is necessary for our physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation is similar to alcohol intoxication affecting your health and well-being, but excess sleep has the same bad effect.

In this block, you can learn your sleep time and if you slept enough. According to The National Sleep Foundation, adults (26-64 years) need to sleep 7-9 hours.

By default, our app shows the sleep goal – 8 hours, but you can set up a personal preference.

In addition to this Goodsomnia Lab helps to track your morning feelings after each night and factors that could impact on your sleep. It will be valuable information for your ENT doctor.


At the end of your report, you will see an overview of how potentially serious your snoring is. It describes the state of your sleep based on each of the above parameters and gives recommendations. This is the most valuable part of the report.

sleep report

But be aware that this app is not a medical device yet. If you have health problems, you should visit a doctor or a professional polysomnography lab in time.

Haven`t tried Goodsomnia Lab yet? Download it on iOS or Android for free.


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