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Heart health

How to check if your heart is healthy

admin 392 views September 14, 2018

The work of the heart must be checked periodically. Cardiologists recommend doing it twice a year to prevent pathologies. But today there are sophisticated ways to learn about daily heart health.

Information on the state of the cardiovascular system can be obtained by means of special mobile applications, portable “cardiac” devices. They allow you to conduct basic research, such as ECG, even without leaving your home at any time. With the help of applications, it is possible to estimate pulse, cardiac muscle state, and also heart saturability with oxygen. Such applications are compatible with portable ECG devices and the information received is processed and quickly transferred to the smartphone.

Naturally, such studies of health indicators do not give an opportunity to establish a complete clinical picture of the state of the cardiovascular system, but they are able to keep your heart health under daily supervision. And they can signal the first serious deviations, which is the reason to visit a cardiologist on time. For example, early detection of the heart attack is only possible with a daily analysis of cardiac data (mobile ECG). In turn, the heart calculator will help you determine its age and propensity to diseases of the cardiovascular system. In each application, the result is based on human data on the age, sex, physiological characteristics (weight, bad habits, eating habits, arterial blood pressure, etc.).

How to check if your heart is healthy? Doctors say that people with a healthy heart have the following indicators:

  • heart rate – from 60 to 90 beats per minute;
  • systolic heart volume, which may vary but within the range: for men – from 60-70 to 120-190 ml, for women – ranging from 40-50 to 90-150 ml;
  • endurance level. Normally, the ratio must be equal to 16 units, if it is higher there is a risk of heart failure, and weak myocardium is diagnosed. The higher the ratio, the stronger the heart.

Planned cardiac studies (ECG, heart ultrasound, blood test, measurement of blood pressure) help establish heart failures, and applications help control heart performance indicators. For example, a clinic electrocardiogram can detect blocked arteries, while ECG from portable devices is also able to provide such information, but for different periods of time. Data analysis helps you figure out exactly what causes heart failure or deterioration of the health (for example, due to weather conditions, change of seasons, exacerbation of the chronic disease, sports).

If you still do not know how to check your heart condition, download Goodsomnia Lab. This is a good way to always be aware of what is happening with your heart and keep the “heart issue” controlled.


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