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Heart health

Heart attack symptoms and signs

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Heart attack occurs due to blockage of the heart artery, which can cause circulatory disorders. Unfortunately, according to the World Health Organization, this diagnosis is found in more than 500,000 people.

The root cause of the attack is age-related changes, problems with weight, a sedentary lifestyle and frequent stresses. Most often these act together and provokes a heart attack.

Symptoms of the pathology are similar with many diseases of the cardiovascular system and diseases of internal organs. However, there are major differences, which can determine that this is a heart attack (manifest at the same time):

  1. Signs of “cold sweat”;
  2. Lightheadedness or sudden dizziness;
  3. Jaw pain;
  4. Discomfort in your neck;
  5. Dull pain in between your shoulder blades;
  6. Pain around one or both of your shoulders;
  7. Shortness of breath;
  8. Severe pain in the chest area;
  9. Discomfort, pain, heaviness in one or both arms;
  10. Nausea, indigestion, heartburn or abdominal pain.

Sometimes heart attacks strike suddenly, but many people have warning signs and symptoms during several hours or days. The earliest symptoms can be recurrent chest pain or high blood pressure. If this happens, a person needs immediate medical help.

How to prevent heart attack?

To prevent problems with the heart, cardiologists advise undergoing a diagnostic test for cardiovascular diseases. This study makes it possible to determine the level of physical training of the person, the state of his/her heart and vessels, and reaction rate of recovery under the influence of external factors. As a rule, one evaluates the heart rate, the regulation system of cardiac activity, level of oxygen supply to the heart muscles.

You can control the state of the cardiovascular system in the modern world even every day at home. By using special applications installed on the smartphone and portable EKG devices, you can take the test on the age of heart, its health or heart attack. At home or outdoors, these tests help detect pathology in the main organ of your body.

For example, a test on the heart age provides an opportunity to assess the biological age of the heart based on heart rate and other factors. If the number of beats does not exceed 60 the heart is about 20 years, if 65 beats – 30 years, and if it reaches 70 beats – about 40 years. Periodic passage of such a test allows you to monitor the change of indicators: If they improve under the influence of changes in the diet and lifestyle the heart is healthy, if they worsen, visit a cardiologist and pass the necessary tests (ECG, general blood test).

The popular one is the test on the heart health, which can be used to determine cardiac load, pulse, blood density (depending on daily consumption of food and liquids), assess the lifestyle and eating habits.

A variety of mobile applications allows you to pick the best test for heart diseases. However, if there are serious failures, any test on heart issues does not cancel a scheduled visit to the cardiologist. Tests in your applications help to assess the degree of failure in the cardiac system function and prevent or minimize its effects.


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