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Why do you snore on your back?

admin 380 views September 20, 2019

The question “Why do I only snore on my back?” is a “chicken and egg” question. We wonder what comes first, a snore or the position we sleep in. The answer is still unclear but what we know for sure is why do some sleep positions make us more predisposed to snoring and how to stop snoring when sleeping on our back is essential.

Snoring when on your back

You probably noticed that people who sleep on their back snore more often and more loudly. The truth is sleep position really matters when it comes to snoring. It was found that 54% of sleep apnea patients snore on their back only. The rest were “nonpositional” snorers. It means that if you’re not a chronic snorer, there are high chances of getting rid of snoring by simply changing the sleep position.

Of course, it’d be too easy. Many other factors take the stage, like lifestyle, genes, sleeping hygiene and even sex. That explains why guys snore when they sleep on their back rather than girls. In any case, snoring while on your back predispose you to produce that annoying sound and positional therapy can be a good option.

Why do you snore on your back

So, answering the question “Why do you snore on your back?” we have to reproduce the process of sleeping. While we sleep most parts of the throat are relaxed, the airflow goes through them, so it may cause the vibration that we know as snoring. If you sleep on your back, your throat is more likely to collapse, the airways narrow and it causes obstructive breathing. The fact the tongue may slip toward the back of the throat can also be a reason for snoring when on your back.

Note, the sleep position is important but it’s not the only thing. People with chronic snoring, nasal congestion, allergies may continue to snore when asleep on the side or in any other position.

How to sleep on back without snoring

Even if you don’t snore, you haven’t been diagnosed with sleep apnea and feel absolutely safe and sound, these tips on how to sleep on your back without snoring will be useful:.

  1. Change the pillow. The firm, high-loft pillow that keeps your neck at the natural curve will suit you best. Don’t take a big one, it should be just 20% bigger than your head.
  2. Train your mouth. Practice short exercises that include pushing the tongue against the roof of the mouth and elevating the soft palate and the uvula while making the vowel sound “A”.
  3. Clean up your nose. A stuffy nose is one reason why people snore when they sleep on their back. Clean up the nose before going to bed if you feel the need, stand in a steamy shower, use nasal strips or rinse the nose with saline solution.

Instead of thinking about how to avoid snoring when you sleep on your back, people should examine the trigger of a snore first. Sleep monitoring, sleeping dairies and of course, consultation with a doctor is an inevitable part of treatment.


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