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Why do women snore?

admin 431 views October 11, 2019

If you ask people to imagine a typical picture of a heavy snorer, most’ll tell you it’s a man. Women who snore are rare. Men are more likely to snore, but it doesn’t mean women don’t snore at all. To reveal that male snoring stereotype we’re going to prove women also snore and there’s nothing to be ashamed about, explain why they snore and importantly: how to relieve snoring. 

Do women snore?

Statistically, men snore more often than women. Latest data on what percentage of women snore showed habitual male snorers are up to 40% compared to 24% of females.

The first explanation is biology. We used to think the average man is higher and heavier than the average woman. And it’s true, but also air passages in men are narrower than women’s. So, the airflow becomes complicated during regular breathing activity. The output is that the narrowed air passages are the more chances that this is what causes snoring in young women. 

The loudest snorer in Britain is Jenny Chapman, a woman whose snore measured 111.6db! 

So why do women snore?

Here’re reasons proving that biological difference is not the only one why women snore. 

  1. Age. The proportion of women snoring problems increases with age. Under 30, your chances of snoring are about 5%. From 30-50, the chances rise to 15-20%. 
  2. Menopause. When PMS is over, a woman has the same chances of starting to snore like a man, at about 40%.
  3. Weight gain. Snoring and body weight are tightly linked. Extra kg leads to excess fat around the neck. The air passage narrows, resulting in loud snoring.
  4. OSA. Saying snoring is a “men’s” health issue is a mistake because of sleep apnea. Obstruction of the airflow provokes snoring whether you a woman or a man.
  5. Pregnancy is a specific cause for snoring in women. Partly due to weight gain, partly as expanding blood vessels in the nasal cavity due to pregnancy.

How to stop snoring at night for women?

Although women are at a lower risk of snoring than men, we need to be aware of how to reduce snoring in women. Note, there are no specific women snoring remedies. Most recommendations and anti-snoring tools are universal. So the treatment of a woman snoring loudly would not differ much from a man’s, except the case of pregnancy. So, if you know how to stop snoring for women, you cope with a man who snore. To save your time, we’ve gathered seven ways to prevent snoring. 

  1. Choose the right pillows
  2. Change sleeping posture
  3. Avoid extra weight gain
  4. Keep water balance
  5. Do exercises daily
  6. Monitor your sleep
  7. Check your nasal passages 

Now we know the different reasons for snoring in men and women, it shouldn’t make women less responsible for their health. Obstructive sleep apnea is severely underreported and under-diagnosed in women, so better consult a doctor to ensure sound sleep.


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