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Why do men snore? Causes for snoring in men

admin 325 views October 28, 2019

It seems men and snoring are integral. Men can’t exist without snoring and snoring isn’t possible without men. There’s a seed of truth in this, but let’s look closer at the reasons for snoring in men, why men snore more often than women and how to deal with it.

Men and snoring

If you were asked to imagine a person who snores, mostly probably, you would imagine a snoring man or maybe a fat man snoring that loud all people in the neighborhood would hear. Why such a stereotype? The answer is simple. It’s true. 

Statistically, the percentage of men who snore is 25% more than women. The reason for this is physical differences. Men are born with air passages that are narrower than women’s, so when the air passes through, it starts to vibrate, and the snoring sound is produced. 

Also, men who snore and are overweight are a double risk. Being overweight is the second reason for snoring. Extra pounds start to accumulate not only over your waist or hips, but your neck size also increases. As a result, air passages are narrowed even more, so the throat and neck tissues start to vibrate when the air passes through. 

Causes for snoring in men

Aside from the weight factor, there’re some more known causes for snoring in men. The top 3 causes snoring men experience, and which can be similar to women’s, are:

  1. Alcohol, smoking, sedatives. Due to frequent alcohol consumption, tissues relax, and the air can’t flow normally. The same happens under the effect of cigarettes and sleeping pills.
  2. Sleeping on your back. A wrong sleeping position influences your upper airways and can narrow the air passages, so obstruction occurs.
  3. Lack of sleep. Men tend to work at night and don’t have enough sleep, or their sleeping schedule is reorganized. This leads to inadequate quality sleep, snoring or OSA.

Why do men snore more

Anatomical differences, extra weight, lifestyle habits, decreased tone of the throat muscles, age – all these things can be reasons why men snore. The age factor also influences women strongly, but the rest occur with men more often.

Getting to know why men snore more offers an opportunity to protect yourself because a snoring partner can become the cause of your inadequate sleeping. Also being aware of causes is a chance to detect snoring faster and start treatment quicker. 

As the saying goes “Being aware of the problem is 50% of its solution.” So, getting to know why a man snores is never a waste of time as well as consulting with a doctor.


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