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Snoring & Sleep apnea

What helps you stop snoring

admin 303 views November 22, 2019

“Please, help me stop snoring” is a plea many people make to stop snoring in bed. The truth is that a simple and innocuous sound we produce at night may lead to serious issues like OSA. This will not happen if you monitor your snoring and treat it in time. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips and useful tools that will help you foresee and stop snoring.

How to prevent snoring

You may know numerous ways to stop snoring but what helps with snoring is understanding its causes. Only following research of the reason why can you choose the correct treatment to tackle the root of the problem. Of course, it doesn’t work that way in real life. We start thinking how to help stop snoring when it disturbs us so much. Monitoring sleep may help you discover the extent of your snoring and pre-diagnose sleep diseases. So take control of your sleep. Detecting changes is the first step in how to stop snoring at night. Next, we look at how to do it and other stop snoring tips.

What helps you stop snoring

You may Google “tips to help me stop snoring” and face endless recommendations, but these are the three most popular snoring tips. 

Lifestyle changes. Lose weight, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, do exercises or live an active life and notice the difference. 

Change your sleep position. The right sleep position will help you not snore. Sleeping on your side is the best as the tongue and soft palate don’t collapse to the throat’s back wall Use stop snoring mouthpieces and devices. Looking for things to help you stop snoring at once? Nasal and oral appliances will probably suit. Each works uniquely, but the main aim is the same – to reduce airway resistance and increase airflow through the upper airway.

Help for snoring problems

If you’re wondering: what to do to help stop snoring? The bad news is there’s no remedy for it. That’s why the best help for snoring problems is to treat the root directly. You may try to use a stop-snoring device. For instance, we’re working now on one. It tones the soft palate and makes it stronger, so snoring stops for some time.

Also, don’t forget about monitoring the problem in its initial stages. There’re lots of ways to stop snoring. For example, Goodsomnia Lab is a free snore tracker which can monitor how frequent and loud your snore is. It’s useful to notice changes in snoring, for example, after coming back from a party or doing physical exercises. The app gathers all the data about your sleep, and you can share it with your doctor.

If you keep asking yourself “what can help my snoring?” the best recommendation is to see your doctor. If snoring disturbs you, you shouldn’t ignore it.


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