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Snoring & Sleep apnea

Snore tracker app: what is it? 

admin 341 views October 22, 2019

You can go to a fortune-teller, use tarot cards or you can get to understand about your sleep with an app. The decision is yours, but to help you in that process; we’re going to tell you everything about a snore tracker app, what is it, how it works and what’s the value of it. 

What is a snore tracker 

Simply, a snore tracker is a guard over your sleep, always on alert and never missing a noise. Nowadays, you have the chance to have this at hand and in your hands! 

The main question everyone asks before using a sleep tracker app is “how do I know if I snore?” Although snoring is not a disease, it can be a symptom of disorders like sleep apnea. Detecting and tracking snoring are the first steps towards solving the problem. So, getting to know as quickly as possible that you, your partner or a family member snores is best. If you don’t know how to tell if you snore at night, a sleep tracking app helps you to do it in one night at home.

How a snore tracking app works

Let’s journey together on using a sleep tracker app. Download it first; then it usually asks your sex, age, weight, height and other additional details. This information is enough to start using a snore tracking app according to its aim. Before going to bed, make sure it’s quiet in your sleeping room, click the “Record” button and put the phone close to your head.

From that moment, a snore tracker starts recording all the sounds while you sleep. 

Not only snore tracking, but an app can also analyze the intensity, volume, and frequency of snoring and how you cycle through the sleep stages. In the morning, stop recording, and in a few minutes, you have your snore report. 

Using an app to see if you snore saves you from bothering a bed partner to monitor your snore or passing the sleep study that many people find stressful. 

What’s in a snore report

If you test various sleep tracking apps, you’ll notice how different reports can be. Some include graphs, others record your breathing; some give advice, others don’t. Not to mess up here, let’s take a look at an one snore report app – Goodsomnia Lab.

The snore report in this app comprises a snoring graph which shows you at which period snoring intensity increased and when it lowered. The snore tracking app also rates your snore from snuffling to severe. A block with general snoring analytics includes snore value, snoring frequency and volume. Lastly, the sleep statistics show how much you slept, if you overslept and your sleep debts.

All this information is excellent as it focuses on if I snore, about your snore and your overall sleep quality. You can share this snore report with your doctor, so they can diagnose the problem and choose the most effective treatment.


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