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Snore detector app: am I snoring?

admin 341 views September 30, 2019

Everyone who has ever experienced snoring or has a bed partner who snores knows how annoying this sound is. No more snoring – is everyone’s dream, and in today’s modern world, this dream is possible with only one app. Today we’ll explain what do snore detector apps do, what’s the aim of using them and get to know more about sleep stages. 

Snore detector

Sleep monitoring is at the top of OSA prevention. It’s much easier to detect snoring, first signs of OSA or other sleep diseases by sleep monitoring. But how does a person know they are snoring or not? Not the best but the most common case is when a bed partner notices you snoring. But a person who lies next to you is not the best snore detector, primarily when a snoring detector app exists.

We cycle through different sleep stages, and our behavior differs at each one. The main aim of every snore detector is tracking the whole sleep cycle. By using an app to detect snoring, you also have information about the snore impact on sleep, the frequency and volume of snoring. There’re numerous apps nowadays and sleep tracking is not the only feature. 

Snore detectors measure sounds while you sleep, so your bedroom must be very silent, and according to the information an app gathered, it then gives the output about snoring. Moreover, some apps may provide anti-snoring advice, or you’re able to share a personalized sleep report with your doctor.

At what stage of sleep do you snore

Per night we cycle through four sleep stages. Besides them, we pass two sleep states: REM and NREM sleep. The difference between them is mainly in the eye movement and muscle activity. NREM sleep includes four stages, switching from one to another, a person progressively diminishes responsiveness to environmental stimuli. Stage 3 is a transitional phase between the light sleep of stage 2 and the deep sleep of stage 4. Stage 4 is the deepest sleep of all. Wake up during this stage is the hardest, sometimes it’s even hard to move your body. REM sleep, for instance, can appear quite suddenly, at intervals, through the night. 

If you want to know at what stage of sleep do you snore, we’re sorry to inform you there’s no exact answer. It depends on biological differences, genes, lifestyle and other factors. A sleep detector app may help you get to know at which stage you snore, do you have OSA snoring or if you’re a conventional snorer. Snoring immediately after falling asleep means you snore conventionally, without the cessation of breathing. OSA snoring is most likely in REM sleep.

All these are just the most common and typical situations. We should keep in mind that everyone is exceptional, and the signs of the disease may appear differently. Snore detector is the application that saves you time, your sleep and overall wellbeing.

So, keep an eye on your sleep.


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