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Snoring & Sleep apnea

Sleep study app and snoring detection on your phone

admin 454 views October 4, 2019

Living in a fast-paced world has its pros and cons. We face many stressors every day that may lower the quality of our sleep, but on the other hand, new solutions and devices that make our sleep better come out regularly. One of them is a sleep study app. By downloading an Android or iPhone app, you can monitor sleep patterns, record sleep and become aware of what happens when you’re asleep with just one tap. Sound great? Let’s reveal what stands behind them.

Sleep study app: what is it?

Sleep study app or sleep analyzer can do everything, from tracking your sleep patterns to advising you how to get rid of snoring. Although taking a sleep study for snoring is still a common practice, more people now use sleep apps.

Sleep trackers measure several aspects of your sleep, like the amount of sleep you have, how long you pass through the sleep stages, the quality of your sleep environment and more. If you don’t know how to find out if you snore without going to the doctor or you simply want to check whether you or your bed partner snore, a sleep app is the right solution. Of course, downloading a sleep study app for Android or for iPhone cannot replace good sleep but it can be a step forward.

Monitor sleep patterns

Besides additional features, every sleep tracker is an app for sleeping pattern monitoring. They measure:

  1. The amount of time you spend asleep
  2. Sleeping behavior, like snoring, gasping or choking
  3. The amount of time you spend in each of the four sleep stages

Sleep pattern apps are designed to detect every sound while you’re asleep, so it’s necessary to make your sleeping place as quiet as possible. Bear in mind, an app that monitors sleep patterns doesn’t find a reason for snoring or any other OSA sign, it just tells you about the problem if there’s any. So, in case of a sleep disease, an app tells you “Look, you have a problem here” but the treatment is on you.

Learn snoring statistics

Tracking is nothing without the statistics on snoring. That’s why many sleep apps give you statistics after the session. For example, Goodsomnia Lab prepares detailed sleep and snoring statistics. It includes the volume, frequency and periods of snoring. The results are very clear to understand. In the morning you get a snoring graph, so you can see whether you snore, the time when you snored and its intensity. The results can be a good first-line detection aid if you’re not aware of any issues while asleep, such as snoring, or unaware that you’ve been accumulating sleep debt.

However, if you have suspicions about the quality of your sleep, better consult a doctor and get a diagnosis for a sleep disorder.


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