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Snoring & Sleep apnea

Managing snoring through a sleep study app

admin 250 views September 19, 2019

Sleep is the basic source of rest for our body. Nevertheless, there are factors that can harm it and snoring is one them. If, accidentally, you felt tired, grumpy or depressed lately, think over using a sleep study app.

A basic sleep rate app identifies sleep stages, their depth and duration. Also, it measures your resting heart rate and creates an ECG. The statistics you get from the program helps to figure out general trends and key problems you might experience at bedtime.

Some apps including Goodsomnia Lab offer a built-in snoring management feature. It analyzes all snoring noises caught by a sleep sound recorder app, processes them and creates a snoring diagram. The diagram shows extended info about your snore, such as the time of all snoring episodes and their intensity within one night. Such details are invaluable for further management of snoring.

Recent studies show that app snoring analysis is 93% as accurate as a laboratory one. Let’s take a deeper look at snore parameters provided by sleep study apps.

Key parameters of the app

Sleep parameters include basic info about your sleep (depth, stages, duration), as well as oversleep and sleep debt time. Some apps ask users about their post-sleep feelings (fatigue, headache, dry mouth, etc.) It helps to create a more complex picture and provides you with more targeted recommendations.

Full snoring analytics is shown in the diagram. The task is to interpret it in a correct way.

First important parameter is intensity of snoring. It shows the correlation between snoring level and its occurrence during one night and is expressed in snoring decibels. The level or volume of snoring is measured in snore decibels too and ranges from mild (˂40 dB) to severe (over 60 dB).

Some apps generate a snore score. Usually, it is a percent expression of snoring time to total sleep time.

Besides snoring, you get the statistics from heart rate monitor. Sleep app uses it to find out potential risks for health. It’s not a secret that problems with sleep, namely snoring, are harbingers of heart disorders.  

Goodsomnia Lab provides you with all above-mentioned parameters and additional ones. You’re welcome to check it out and improve you sleep quality together with us!


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