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Snoring & Sleep apnea

How to stop snoring for men

admin 359 views October 17, 2019

When you’re asked to imagine a person snoring, most imagine a man snoring loudly and heavily. Why? For some, this is planted by movies or advertisements. For others, it’s their personal experience.

While this is nothing without facts, here expectation matches reality. Statistics show that 40% to 50% of adult men snore regularly and twice more than women. There are many reasons why men and snoring are a match, so let’s find out why they are the most vulnerable group.

Snoring solutions for men

The first reason why men snore more is physiology. Male airways are narrower than a female’s, so more favourable for vibrations. Going untreated such vibrations can turn into sleep apnea, a severe condition that can cause heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 

How to stop a man from snoring – do regular monitoring of bedtime breathing patterns. Another option is to use a snoring app as the program records your snoring and signals any deviations or potential risks. 

Secondly, it’s about bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Smoking provokes inflammation in the respiratory system, and alcohol relaxes muscles that block normal airflow. A remedy here is obvious: a healthy lifestyle. What’s better: a short-term pleasure or long-term wellbeing? 

Last but not least obesity. Overweight people tend to snore more. Guess who the headliners’ are? Men. Recent data shows more than 40% of Swedish men are obese comparing to nearly 30% of women. And this gap doesn’t differ much from year to year, or country to country. Gaining weight is an unpredictable process. You never know where the fat will accumulate, but the neck area, is a ‘hot spot’ for snoring. How to stop a snoring man with obesity: control weight, do regular exercise, burn fat and keep fit.

Some snoring remedies are connected with hygiene procedures, like taking a bath before sleep, changing bedsheets regularly, keeping the room clean, etc. You can find more information about the most effective snoring solutions in this material too.

For a better understanding of your situation consult a specialist. The above is for guidance for possible and harmless self-help. Pay attention to innovative methods, like apps and anti-snoring devices, which are also affordable and easy to use.


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