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Snoring & Sleep apnea

How to control snoring while sleeping?

admin 129 views January 20, 2020

People often have a vague idea of how to control snoring. Firstly, you should accept that it’s an issue that impairs your sleep, and even if it doesn’t make you wake up, body recharging suffers.

If you remove factors that might affect sleep quality, then applying things like keeping the air fresh, the room clean and changing bedsheets regularly can improve the situation. Snore control is dependent on healthy sleep patterns and daily physical activity. Once you decide to control snoring, sleep refinements are a matter of time. 

Can you control snoring?

There are options on how to control snoring naturally. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by excluding smoking, cutting alcohol consumption, decreasing tranquilizer intake. Take up physical activity and correct your sleep position. These can improve the tone of your throat or nose muscles, and normalize airflow.

However, snoring can be a symptom of severe sleep disorders, like OSA. In this case, control is doubly essential and more complex. So how can you control snoring then? You have two options:

Undergo a polysomnography (PSG). It’s an in-patient monitoring of key body indicators by a specialist during sleep. PSG provides an expanded report on abnormal physiological changes that occur when you sleep;

Download a snore recording app. With its help, you can discover more about the structure of your snore. It suggests tailored recommendations and the app’s statistics can be a guide to the best way of solving snoring, along with the help of a specialist. 

Snore control using an app

How to control my snoring with an app? Easy. Install Goodsomnia Lab, it`s free. Open it before going to bed. Make sure there is no additional noise around, and your phone is charged to record all night. Put the phone next to your head. And sleep. In the morning, you stop the record. Usually, it takes a little time for the app to process all the data and come up with the report. You get info about sleep duration, its depth, the time of over-/lack of sleep, average snoring (its intensity and depth). A snoring graph shows the ups and downs of your snore. 

An app is a very innovative way to control snoring. It’s easy to use and home-based, which is a big pro. Several regular reports are excellent for your doctor to choose further treatment options.


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