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Snoring & Sleep apnea

Does losing weight stop snoring?

admin 187 views January 31, 2020

Losing weight is known to be a win-win decision for relieving or even curing lots of health issues. It is a common recommendation if you deal with a heart disorder, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, etc. However, when it comes to snoring, the weight loss effect is not that obvious.

Snoring can be of different nature and sometimes doesn’t pose any threat to our health. But if it gets regular and severe, there is a high chance of developing a serious disorder called sleep apnea. And that’s where snoring and weight get extremely connected.

The thing is that obesity is one of the main risk factors for developing sleep apnea. Overweight affects your general activity during the day and increases the tension on vessels and other organs. Fat accumulates in different parts of the body, including the neck. Excessive pressure on the neck ends up in harder breathing. Hard breathing is very likely to flow into snoring. That’s why weight loss and snoring should go along together.

Will losing weight help me stop snoring?

Can losing weight stop snoring? If gaining weight or being overweight encourages snoring, weight loss is the most logical counter-reaction and should definitely ease tension on your airways. But everything can be a little bit more challenging. And the reason for it is hidden in the complexity of our inner body processes.

On the one hand, you can start snoring because of obesity. On the other hand, sleep interrupted by snoring disbalances metabolic processes that occur in our bodies during sleep. This, in turn, affects the sense of hunger as well as daytime activity, leading to weight gain. So the answer to the question ‘Can lose weight help with snoring?’ is a little bit more complex than ‘Sure, it can’. There is a risk of getting into a closed cycle described above. Let’s figure out how to unlock this cycle and don’t waste your efforts in vain.

How does weight loss stop snoring?

‘If I lose weight, I will stop snoring’ is a good starting point for the people who snore. But as the practice shows it isn’t always that simple. Does losing weight stop snoring itself? Unlikely. The diet alone may bring little results. What is really effective it’s working on different fronts simultaneously by adding physical exercise and keeping a healthy sleep routine. Turning to the diet, the recommendations are quite universal:

  • go for smaller meals in the evening time;
  • have your evening meal no later than 4 hours before sleep;
  • avoid carbs and sugars;
  • drink enough water.

If you’re looking for particular meal patterns, pay your attention to the DASH diet. It’s considered helpful for sleep apnea and other related diseases (hypertension, diabetes, etc.)

To get a clear answer for ‘Will losing weight stop me from snoring?’, you should remember that snoring and weight are strongly dependent on each other. Do your best for balancing not only your diet but physical activity and sleep behavior too. All of this together will degrade favorable conditions for snoring and you’ll see the real progress. A snore recording app can help you in monitoring the progress you get from the diet. Goodsomnia Lab, for example, provides you with a snoring graph where you can see the changes in severity and frequency of your snore. Feel free to use it and get well asap!


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