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Snoring & Sleep apnea

Do you snore? Goodsomnia Lab can help you

admin 337 views October 25, 2019

Snoring seems to be very common and not considered serious. But what if you realized that undiagnosed snoring could be a sign of OSA? We should all take snoring more seriously than dismissing it as an annoying sound and take control of it. Apps that track snoring are perfect for helping us do that. Rather than tell you about the best app for snoring, because you decide for yourself, we’ve gathered the great features of Goodsomnia Lab and explain how they can help you know if you snore or not.

What is a snoring app

Using an app for snoring is the smartest decision that will save you time. 

Searching for the best snore app or Googling “snore app free tracker” can leave you confused because the market is overloaded with the choice. 

The critical thing you need to know about snoring apps is their aim is to improve your sleep. Such devices monitor everything that happens behind the scenes while you sleep — starting from your heart rate and oxygen consumption to the sleep stage. A snoring app is your sleep guard right in your iPhone or any other device.

How to know if you snore using an app

The best thing about Goodsomnia Lab is that it’s very intuitive. The key problem of a person who downloads an app is how to know if they snore. An app is designed to satisfy this firstly. The “Record” button is in the middle of your screen, so you have no chance to miss it. After tapping it, the sleep snoring app starts recording all the sounds and breaths. So, it’s better to sleep in the room without pets and a snoring partner.

In the morning, you get your personalized sleeping report with snore value, average snoring intensity: frequency and volume. With this date you get to know how to check if you snore without leaving home. Of course, apps for snoring are not an alternative to sleep study but a tool to monitor sleep. It can be helpful for your doctor and preparation for an examination.

How to stop snoring

What’s cool about Goodsomnia Lab is that it can be your sleeping advisor. It’s not just an app to stop snoring; in fact, there’s no stop snoring app for Android or iOS users. You can’t get rid of snoring, but you can reduce it. With this in mind, we implemented a “Factors impact” feature into the Goodsomnia Lab. You can point to remedies you take or a cup of coffee or glass of wine before going to sleep, and the app analyzes the effect. This gives you a picture of what may provoke snoring and vice versa. Being aware of the snoring factors is a step towards more in-depth understanding of the problem and treatment too. 

Of course, to stop snoring is hard without a specialist. To simplify your doctor’s job, you can share the report with them. 

Note, that any free stop snoring app or the one you paid for is not a medical device for diagnosing the illnesses. Use it as a helpful tool but not as the only cure. 


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