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Snoring & Sleep apnea

Can snoring be caused by tonsils?

admin 411 views November 11, 2019

Do large tonsils cause snoring? Any abnormal enlargement can be harmful, starting from the size of specific organs, finishing with being overweight. Snoring isn’t as simple as one may consider, and the variety of its causes only supports this fact. Enlarged glands can be the cause too. 

How are tonsils and snoring connected? Often, people snore because something blocks their upper airways. Tonsils are located at the back of your throat. When they get bigger, it obscures the airflow and complexes our breathing.

Below you’ll find ‘How do big tonsils cause snoring?’ and ‘Who is at risk of it?”.

Enlarged tonsils cause snoring

Snoring can hit anyone. However, some factors can make you more vulnerable. Those include sex, age, physiological peculiarities, lifestyle, etc. 

Enlarged tonsils and child snoring are very common. Why are children more inclined to enlarged tonsils? The function of those glands is to fight infections, and that’s extremely important during the first years of our life. Swelling is the response to infection. 

Enlarged tonsils and snoring can happen to adults as well. The noise created by snoring develops due to vibrations of the soft tissue in our throat. Any enlargement in our throat or nose blocks air channels. Narrowed space for airflow contributes to louder noise and even breathing pauses (that can later flow into a disorder, sleep apnea). The first solution that comes to mind is surgery.

Will removing tonsils and adenoids stop snoring?

Does taking out tonsils stop snoring? Yes, it does. People often perceive medical intervention as the ultimate way of treatment. But let’s recall that the function of tonsils or adenoids in our body diminishes with age. So, their removing brings little to no damage to our health. Plus, there is an amazing statistic that nearly 79% of children who overcame tonsillectomy (part- or full tonsil removing surgery) experienced relief of snoring

As you can see, there is a direct connection between enlarged tonsils and snoring. If you want to get rid of the latter, make sure the former creates no barriers. Go and see your general practitioner or an ENT doctor, discuss the possible solutions and breath freely and noiselessly again.

In case you’re snoring isn’t caused by tonsils, you can download a snore recorder app Goodsomina Lab and figure out the possible reason for your snore directly at home.


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