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Snoring & Sleep apnea

10 facts about snoring

admin 200 views August 2, 2019

Snoring — is often called a sound when tissues in the back of the throat start to vibrate during sleep.

This is quite a common problem affecting both the snorer and their partner. Some say it’s absolutely natural, others claim it should be cured. This article highlights the truth in 10 surprising “snoring facts”.

  1. It is not normal.

Yes, hard to believe but healthy sleep needs to be quiet. In most cases, snoring indicates health issues like obesity or sleep deprivation. Also, such temporary conditions like bad cold or suffering from allergies can lead to it. Even though your partner and you aren’t bothered with noisy nights, it’s still worth visiting a doctor to investigate the causes of the snoring.

  1. Snoring is very common.

Despite the fact, not all people know they are snorers, 40% of men and 30% of women acknowledge they are. This means around 90 million people in the USA suffer from it. It can start at any age, but usually the older we are the worse snoring is. Mainly, it depends on weight gain, the anatomy of our mouth and sinuses, sleep position or even alcohol consumption.

  1. Partner of the snorer may suffer even more.

According to a study the partner of a snorer loses more than 1 hours sleep a night. Along with the affected sleep, it can lower concentration, mood stability, and sex drive.

  1. It will diminish relationships.

It has become so frequent there is even a term SUS – socially unacceptable snoring. Michael J Breus Ph.D. from his article in Psychology Today suggests an explanation why snoring will most likely exacerbate conflicts: “What’s more, snoring itself can become a focal point of both frustration and shame within the dynamic of a couple’s relationship. The snorer, meanwhile, often feels guilty, ashamed, and helpless about their noisy, disruptive sleep. These feelings can be a real source of irritation and isolation for even very loving couples.”

  1. Drinking alcohol makes it worse.

Alcohol is a depressant and its sedative effect relaxes your body and mind including the parts for breath control. This causes airflow obstruction which leads to snoring. So that extra glass of whiskey can make us sleep worse.

  1. 3 out of 10 snorers have OSA.

People with this sleep disorder temporarily stop breathing for 10 seconds each exhale when asleep. Daytime sleepiness, insomnia, headaches, mood changes: all these symptoms may appear from this type of sleep apnea. Also, long term problems may also arise as we suffer from this disorder. Several studies suggest OSA patients are three times more likely to have cardiovascular episodes, five times coronary diseases and three times arterial hypertension.

  1. Being overweight significantly influences snoring.

If your neck size exceeds 16 inches, it could be the major reason for snoring. Not only neck fat impacts vibration during sleep, belly fat can press the diaphragm and fat around the sides can squeeze the ribcage. These restrict airflow capacity which makes the throat vibrate at night.

  1. Most snorers have heart issues. Snoring is a heart risk, here’s the study to prove it and more facts about snoring and heart health.

  2. It can be really loud.

The average sound ranges between 50-100dB, and is equivalent to the sound created by a pneumatic drill. The loudest recorded 111.68dB, more than a low-flying jet.

  1. Good news! Treatment is possible.

It’s up to you to fix your snoring. Detect the snoring, consult a doctor, start treatment and your sleep will be better and quieter. 


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