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Sleep talking: causes, detection and more

admin 97 views February 7, 2020

Sleep talking speaks for itself. It’s unconscious talking, either meaningful or meaningless, in your sleep.

Since it occurs during the deep sleep stages (REM and NREM), the ones when people see their dreams, it can reflect what you’re dreaming of. Sometimes, the words you produce in your sleep can be related to past experiences, but still, it isn’t worth much of a rationale. 

Talking in your sleep is common at a young age: almost every second child experiences it from time to time. Cases in adults are less popular, however, not excluded. 

At first glance, talking in your sleep looks pretty harmless, similar to snoring, but actually, both conditions are considered sleep disorders. People who suffer from it regularly may develop psychological issues, like fear of sleeping out of home, insomnia, etc. Understanding the possible sleep talking cause can help a lot in eliminating the problem.

Why do people talk in their sleep?

Sometimes sleep talking runs in the family, and it’s hard to avoid. In other cases, the causes can vary from person to person and include fever, stress, depression, alcohol, medication, or psychiatric problems.

Another answer to ‘Why do people talk in their sleep?’ can be hidden in an ongoing sleep disorder. Sleep talking often develops along with sleep apnea, REM sleep behaviour disorder, or nightmares. You’ll never know where the roots come from unless you start monitoring your bedtime behaviour. Who knows, maybe you don’t just sleep talk but also snore. 

Regular snoring is the main symptom of sleep apnea and multiple breathing pauses characterize this during sleep. Left untreated it is linked to hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Once the question ‘Why do people sleep talk?’ is answered, it’s necessary to understand what to do about it. 

Luckily we are living in times of technology. You can monitor your sleep in the most comfortable environment, at home. A sleep recording app is an option that helps identify what causes sleep talking and when it occurs. Do you want to know more about how the app works?

Apps for recording sleep talking

Apps to record sleep talking can have various names: sleep recorder, sleep talk recorder, sleep noise recorder, snore recorder, etc. What they have in common is a built-in function of recording sounds during your sleep. 

You download a sleep talk recorder (free or paid, up to you), put your phone close to your head, launch the record, and sleep in. For a more accurate result, exclude any external noises (close the window, sleep in the room with good sound insulation, etc.) and make at least several one-by-one records. 

Some apps for recording sleep talking offer expanded features and provide information on sleep duration, lack or excess of sleep, snoring episodes (their frequency and intensity), and offer recommendations on how to improve your lifestyle to avoid further complications. All of these and more can be found in Goodsomnia Lab. This app is free on the App Store or Play Market. 

Sleep talk app recordings can be handy for your doctor. They help discover the severity of the problem and monitor the efficiency of a chosen treatment. So, don’t hesitate to use it and make your sleep calm again.


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