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Sleep aids that really work to stop snoring

admin 898 views September 23, 2019

Snoring isn’t a life sentence. However, the problem in searching for stop snoring aids is to find one that works. Why waste time and money on ineffective treatment that simply masks the issue or fails?

When you start searching for the snore aid, be it a device or a lifestyle adjustment, remember your choice has to be personalized. A remedy that works well for one person can be useless for another. The reason for it is often hidden in our own body. For example, an enlarged tongue or nasal deformity may demand a different solution. Ongoing treatment can also impede positive results. It’s not a secret that sleeping pills or sedatives aren’t a perfect match with anti-snoring treatment. They relax muscles and make snoring worse. 

So, let’s take a look at the stop snoring remedies and aids that work.

Types of effective snore aids

To choose the proper snoring aid you should first gather some information about your snoring. You can do it at home. There is a range of snoring apps that create a report with key features of your problem. Further, you can refer to some practical stuff.

One universal in-body aids to help stop snoring is a mouthpiece (namely, MAD and TSD). It is suitable for all snorers. Depending on the type, the mouthpiece either moves your jaw or holds your tongue in a way that keeps the airways open during sleep.

If you’re a nose snorer, there is an option for you too. The most comfortable nose snoring aids are nasal strips. People like them as there is no need to put anything inside the body. Just tape them over your nose and that prevents your nostrils from closing.

People diagnosed with sleep apnea tend to use a CPAP machine. It provides the necessary air pressure to your mouth through a mask and balances your breathing patterns during sleep.

Goodsomnia offers a quality sleep aid for snoring, namely an app to monitor/manage your snoring and highlight any complications. Plus, we are about to release an innovative stop-snoring device that targets your soft palate and prevents it from vibrating that causes snoring. If you’re result-oriented in your treatment, we are ready to help.


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