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How to sleep better: 10 tips for better sleep

admin 276 views November 20, 2019

How to get better sleep is a list of healthy sleep habits that everyone can implement. If you’re losing sleep and wonder “What can make me sleep better at night?”, we have the answers. 

Sleep better, be refreshed

If asked the common signs of lacking sleep, we would probably say being tired, fuzzy-headed, and having to drag ourselves out of bed each morning. Those who live active lives and achieve better quality sleep don’t have a secret to know how to sleep better.

Ten tips for better sleep

We’ve picked 10 top tips for better sleep, including sleep practices and apps. So check them out and choose which ones help you achieve better sleep.

  1. Keep your room cool, dark and quiet.
  2. Use your bed only for sleep or sex.
  3. Pay attention to the sleep position. Sleeping on the side is best to avoid snoring.
  4. Pick the perfect pillow.
  5. Don’t eat much before going to bed.
  6. Exercise or do physical activities daily.
  7. Meditate. Decide which time suits you best, at night or in the morning.
  8. Set a sleep schedule. You may monitor it on your own or try Goodsomnia Lab that will become your sleeping guard and take full control over your sleep.
  9. Don’t take caffeine or sedatives before bed.
  10. Prepare your body for sleep by relaxing, talking, switching off gadgets.

How to sleep and wake up better

How you spend your day, your mood, physical activity, screen-time, how you relax and how much time you spend in daily sunlight – all matter in how to sleep better and wake up refreshed. Aside from the above tips, start a sleep notebook and write down daily at least three sentences: 

  • how was your sleep
  • what you eat and drink 5 hours before sleep
  • how you feel in the morning

By implementing these tips, you’ll notice changes in your sleeping behaviour, see what works, what doesn’t. Add your healthy sleep habits, and soon you’ll have a personalized guide on what helps sleep better for you. 

Isn’t it cool to know how to control your body, understand its signs and communicate with it. With awareness on how to sleep better at night, you can better manage your body and its wellbeing.


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