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How to know if you snore

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Why do some people snore a lot, others don’t, some loud and some quietly. There are numerous reasons and one of them is undiagnosed and untreated snoring. The consequences of ignoring snoring are dangerous for your overall health, so the best thing you can do is to increase your awareness of snoring symptoms and causes, and possible ways to detect it in the first instance. We are going to reveal 5 tips of snore detecting, possible ways to treat it and get to know whether a snoring analyzer app works.

Why do we snore

Being able to detect snoring is good but we should figure out the nature of snoring first. The reason for snoring is narrowing or obstruction of the airway during sleep. All the muscles of the airway (the mouth, nose, and throat) relax so the passages narrow. As a result, when we breathe the airflow moves through these passages and makes the airway vibrate. The vibration creates the sound because of which snorers are annoying. We got used to snoring so much and started taking it for granted, so another problem we face up with is undiagnosed and untreated snoring. Note, that snoring – a symptom of sleep apnea and linked to cardiovascular disease. If you want to keep your health safe and sound, check out 5 simple ways that help you detect snoring at once.

5 ways to know if you snore

  1. Ask your bed partner

The best snoring monitor usually sleeps next to you. Asking a person “Did I snore last night” may be awkward but it helps. Imagine that you have a snoring partner and each time you hear loud, prolonged snore you wake up and break your sleep. If the reason why you can’t sleep – partner’s snoring, better tell the truth. Keeping somebody’s snoring a secret is bad for both of you.

  1. Pay attention to symptoms

Daytime sleepiness, fatigue, mood swings, headaches in the morning, sore throat, the need to use bathroom through the night because of frequent urination, lack of concentration, depression – this is even not a full list of snoring symptoms. Don’t let yourself get all of them. Even three is enough to go and see your doctor.

  1. Use technology

If you feel uncomfortable to ask your partner or don’t have one and you’re not sure about the symptoms – a snore recorder app is right for you. The variety is huge. You can find a snoring app for android and iPhone as well. For example, by using Goodsomnia Lab you can pre-diagnose snoring with just one tap. Before going to bed press the button «Start recording» and in the morning you’ll get detailed analytics of your sleep. Downloading a  snoring app on iPhone or any other device is simple but it can save your sleep and health. 

  1. Make sleeping notes

Another option to track your sleeping activity is to have a sleep diary. Metrics that help to learn your sleep better:

  • the time you went to bed
  • the time you fell asleep
  • the time you wake up
  • how many times you woke up during the night

You can also note how you feel in the morning, point out days when you drink alcohol, smoke to find out the reason for sleep deprivation.

  1. Consult with a doctor

If your sleeping partner’s words haven’t persuaded you or the question you keep asking yourself “Are snoring apps accurate or aren’t?” – a sleeping specialist must be that person who you trust. Check carefully all your symptoms, ask your bed partner to join you if you wish and consult with your doctor.

What to do with snoring

If the sleep specialist doctor confirmed suspicions of snoring, it’s important to start treatment promptly. Here are some snoring treatment options that prevent you from more serious consequences:

  • changing your style of life. Sounds radical but reducing alcohol consumption, stop smoking, adding some healthy food to your daily menu, exercising at least 3 times a week and making a sleeping schedule – can become a big step fowards.
  • positional therapy. It was proved that sleeping on your back triggers snoring because of the narrowing of the airways. But you can engineer the quality of sleep by changing to the side position, using the pillow to keep your neck and head on the right position.
  • sleeping appliances. Depending on the reason for snoring your sleeping specialist can prescribe different devices for better sleep. Oral and nose appliances are the most popular to use but are usually not suitable. They help to keep the airway open and free of obstruction and avoid noisy snoring.

Note, that simply sitting and thinking can snoring kill you or not – isn’t the option. The right way to solve the problem is to notice it and start acting. Don’t ignore snoring, start treatment as soon as you notice the first symptoms.

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