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Personal ECG at home: what are the advantages?

admin 2836 views September 4, 2018

A portable ECG device is a modern device that allows you to make an electrocardiogram at home. According to the World Health Organization, more than 60% of people suffer cardiovascular system diseases. Cardiologists list causes of heart pathologies as follows:

  • general health (congenital malformations, chronic diseases, allergic reactions, problems with blood and vessels);
  • dietary regime (eating heavy, excessively spicy, salty and fatty foods);
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • ecology.

In classic form, the electrocardiogram is a research method, which graphically displays the heart function and gives the possibility to assess it immediately after the study. Compared with other types of diagnostics, ECG is the most affordable and economical option. This study is considered to be highly informative and the procedure takes between 5-10 minutes. Only the doctor can read the result in most cases. However, today there are mobile applications, which in tandem with the portable ECG, can also do it.

The cardiogram is not recommended for those who are diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction, infectious diseases, arterial hypertension, and oncological diseases.

ECG monitoring at home will help you quickly attain the study results. Devices help to perform heart diagnostics online. The portable electrocardiogram is transferred to special mobile applications, which allows analyzing the received data in seconds.

The portable electrocardiograph is compact in size and, in the case of Goodsomnia Heart Beat ECG, has a secure fastening to the chest that allows you to wear all day and easily take on a trip. ECG devices measure the heart performance even during sports activities and walking. For those who are inclined to or suffer from the failure in the heart function, they are indispensable, and for those who want to monitor the performance of their hearts, they become a personal doctor and timely signal potential failures.

The portable EKG monitor has the following advantages:

  • small in weight and size;
  • transmits data in real time to a smartphone or computer;
  • simple to operate and maintain;
  • sometimes has a display for presenting data on the screen.

ECG devices may be attached to the wrist or chest area and record indicators when in contact with fingertips. Often, the kit includes special electrodes that vary in colour. With the help of the instruction, it is necessary to study the application of each electrode.

Measurement of the heart rate and pulse, identification of the physical condition of the heart, determining the presence of blockades and pathologies — all this can be done using the ECG. The phone app is able to present results at any time.

Home ECG monitors provide an opportunity to identify such pathologies as ischemia, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, and detect heart failure. Data stored in the application or transferred to the cloud can be useful to your cardiologist. In case of serious heart diseases, the results of this diagnosis help determine the correct treatment for the patient, ascertain the reasons for this disease, adjust the mode of wakefulness and sleep.

Portable ECGs operate on accumulators (which can be always charged) or on batteries. This allows you to use the home ECG monitor on business trips/long distance trips.

The home ECG device may not work correctly and distort the data when selecting a defective device. It is best to trust proven companies that produce certified gadgets. Incorrect work of ECG at home may distort information. This is the only and main disadvantage. To choose a high-quality device, before buying, carefully read the reviews of pocket ECG monitor.

Home heart rate monitor is your daily home cardiologist, especially if there’s a problem with the heart. You can monitor the heart state at any time, prevent the onset of a heart attack, heart palpitations or severe heart diseases.


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