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How to monitor your heart rhythm with a smartphone?

admin 4730 views September 5, 2018

The heart is the body’s most important organ. It works around the clock, contributing primarily to the blood and vascular systems. The quality and duration of our lives depend on the heart function. So, we need to take care of it.

How to monitor the heart rate with iPhone or other smartphones?

Today, there is an app to monitor the heart rate, measuring the pulse, heart muscle state and other heart indicators. With such an assistant, you can daily monitor of the heart function at any time. This helps identify the first significant abnormalities in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and seek the timely assistance of a cardiologist. There are a lot of applications and all differ in the set of functions.

How accurate are applications for the heart rate for smartphones and the measurement of other indicators of the heart function?

As statistics show, many cardiologists insist on running a special “heart journal”, where the person should record all findings. With mobile applications, you can really keep track of major changes in the main heart indicators, understand how to get your heart back into rhythm and why the failure occurred. Naturally, it is necessary to choose ways to eliminate the failures in the heart function only with a cardiologist. Self-medication can worsen the situation and cause complications.

Goodsomnia Lab is a modern mobile application that monitors your heart and your sleep. The quality of sleep for a healthy heart is an important link for its full-fledged function. The chronic lack of sleep can cause the development of heart diseases even among healthy people. Experts recommended sleeping around 7-8 hours a day, but many forget to get enough sleep or oversleep, which adversely affects the operation of the cardiovascular system. In particular, it leads to:

  • increased load on the heart;
  • increased heart rate;
  • production of a greater number of hormones in response to stress.

Goodsomnia Lab in conjunction with one of Goodsomnia devices, allows you to define:

  • Heart rate and its disorders: How to read the heart rhythms? Pulse is the fluctuation of blood vessels which correspond to the heartbeat. If the rate breaks down (increases, decreases), this points to pathologies due to, for example, congenital or acquired heart defect, respiratory diseases, nervous disorders, environmental situation in the region of residence, and impact of medicines. To know how to determine regular heart rhythm at your age, you need to carry out daily measurements over time and perform analysis on the basis of the received data.
  • Stamina level: This figure shows how active you are during the day and night, performing different tasks. Stamina level influences not only the muscle tone and work of the brain but general health. The higher it is, the better.
  • Adaptation potential: Quick adaptation to changes in the environment allows the body to function properly. Not only physical but also emotional adaptation to the outside world is important here. The higher the adaptation degree, the less the person is ill.
  • Emotional state: American scientists have found a direct correlation between emotions and human health. The more positive experiences in our lives, the higher the immunity, the lower the risk of developing various diseases and the exacerbation of existing ones. Stress and tension have a negative impact on health.
  • Stress Index: Also called the Tension Index. It shows changes in the heart rate under the influence of stressful situations. The definition of this index using the application allows you to control the heart rate which can only be beneficial.

Goodsomnia Lab app also allows you to determine your heart rate, heart age, and the risk of heart diseases. This information helps to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, allowing the heart to function properly.

To know how to describe heart rate and rhythm, you need to understand whether you have a healthy heart and be aware of basic acceptable indicators for your well-being. As a rule, a cardiologist helps to install them and, based on them, you can control the heart state using the application. Remember when the first changes affect your well-being (nausea, heart pain, tachycardia), you need to visit your doctor. Stay healthy!

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