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Goodsomnia Lab: your sleep data is securely stored

admin 479 views May 22, 2018

Factsheet: Using Goodsomnia Lab, you can be sure, your sleep data is securely stored. It’s time to share our latest updates from Goodsomnia Lab. These new features — in-app version 1.6.0 offer you better personalization, improved safety of your health data storage, and a more comfortable use of the first snoring analytics and health-screening lab for Home use. More information is below.

Every day we are improving our Snoring analytics app Goodsomnia Lab for our clients. After this update the next step in Goodsomnia Lab will be the creation of your Personal Account. A Personal Account is an account for use in the Goodsomnia Lab, an individual account for your own needs in the health-screening process.

It’s very easy, you just enter your email and create a password. Then you’ll get an email confirmation. That’s all. After that, you can fill out your Personal Account and begin your amazing journey with Goodsomnia Lab.

Even if you’ve already installed the app and entered your email in a previous version of the app, you should register in the new way anyway.

This is the beginning of our great data organization work at Goodsomnia Lab that will give you the ability to store non-personal data from day and night in a Secure Cloud, and free up space in your phone memory.

By the way, next year the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in the EU. It aims to strengthen the security and protection of personal data for users. As we are cooperating with the leaders in the Cloud solution industry, we have already ensured the security and confidentiality of any data we collect. You can be sure your information is securely stored.

We will use statistical data that does not specifically identify you (non-personal data) to help in our operations and improve our products and services to provide a better user experience for you.

There is more: you will see the new UI on Health data, Intro and Products pages when you open the new version of Goodsomnia Lab. We have also changed Pair devices functions and fixed some bugs to increase the app’s performance.

And coming soon, we will add a new functionality that allows you to monitor your health even more deeply.

Download the update and give it a spin.

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