We are here to give you an easy way to record, analyze and treat your snoring.

Try out Goodsomnia's solutions for health screening and snore detection during your sleep. Take control of your snoring today!

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Meet the world's new real stop-snoring device: Goodsomnia

The smart stop-snoring revolution is here.

The world's new real non-invasive stop-snoring device that stop snoring problems.

How it works

Goodsomnia - Smart Health Tracker

Simple recording and snoring analytics. Night monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen. Help to better understand snoring problems.

How it works

Goodsomnia Lab

A special system for snoring detection, recording and analytics. An algorithm of Goodsomnia Lab detects snoring sounds and allows you to see it as a snoring graph.

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Goodsomnia Web-Doctor otolaryngologist

A Web-Doctor specialized in snoring problems that can be consulted and advice you based on the recorded result.

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What is Goodsomnia?

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Goodsomnia is easy to use.

Step 1 - Snoring treatment

Goodsomnia is used for 30 seconds a day for snoring problems.

Results are felt after the first use and within 10-20 days the problem should be substantially relieved or gone.

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Time is everything!

Use Goodsomnia for quick result for your personal treatment.

Give us 30 seconds a day for snoring problems over 10-20 days.

You will notice changes from day one.

May give an effect that could last up to a few months.

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With Goodsomnia there is nothing to wear in bed or beside

Quick results Comfortable sleep Happy partner
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Advanced snore therapy you can use throughout your life

Just 30 seconds a day 10-20 Days Use wherever you are
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Quiet night of sleep for bed partners & roommates

Happy partner Happy family Good health as well
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Why do we snore?

Snoring appears due to the relaxation and the vibration of the soft palate muscles located deep inside the mouth cavity. The weakness of the soft palate muscles causes them to vibrate and physically produce the snoring sound during sleep. If the soft palate muscles are strong and toned, the vibrations don’t occur.

Our device is a special muscle stimulator, which targets the soft palate muscles and makes them stronger and tighter. It activates the muscle, increases the blood flow and vitalizes the organ.


Snoring sound is physically created by vibration of a soft palate muscle (SPM). SPM are thin and flat muscles with one of its edges freely hanging inside your mouth cavity. The function of this muscle is to block the nasal passages from the inside of your mouth cavity so that food does not get into your nose when you swallow (Image 1).

When the SPM are weak (Image 2), they relax during sleep and sag more than they should.

As the air from your breath passes in and out, it makes them vibrate similar to how a flag ripples in the wind, emitting the sound, which we know as “snoring” (Image 3).

Would you like to get rid of your snoring problems? You can pre-order Goodsomnia kit here and to take part in our project.

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Hans-Jorgen Henriksson
Founder & CEO.

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