Y-cable for ECG recording

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2-wire ECG cable for Lead II, for adult, 0.95 m. Compatible only with Goodsomnia Pocket ECG (Shipping – July 2018)

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The ECG cable is designed to reduce electrical interference that exists in the environment and lead to disturbances during ECG recording.
This cable consists of 2-wire ECG lead set. It compatible with Goodsomnia Pocket ECG and intended to be used with adhesive electrode
patches with wet gel. The cable makes measurements on Goodsomnia Pocket ECG easier, more accurate and convenient to use because
of two leads connected to hand and leg.
If you measure your ECG with the Pocket ECG device and this cable, and send it for analysis via Goodsomnia Lab app, you can also monitor overload of the heart’s left ventricular. It’s important for people who suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension).
This ECG cable has length available in 95 cm. Together with the ECG cable, we also recommend ordering adhesive electrodes.


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