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Goodsomnia is a new player in stop-snoring solutions and health-screening technology using special BMS therapy, wearable devices and SaaS platforms. Our platform is powered by machine learning and IoT technology in the healthcare area. Our aim is to improve the health of all snoring people and their beloved ones around the world!

Goodsomnia’s ecosystem of products helps snoring people live healthier lives by providing personalized insights into how they sleep, breath and snore during the night. It helps to detect snoring, mild apnoea and provides the best stop-snoring solution. The company’s approach in stop-snoring solution is unique, with patent pending technology.

Our headquarter is in Stockholm (Sweden) with offices globally. Goodsomnia products will be available through our website, other major sales platforms and in local shops around the world.


Our philosophy

We are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who snores around the globe. We value and welcome those who are passionate about the bold experiments with innovative technology in healthcare and have the big ambitions and a global mind-set.


Goodsomnia teams vision: to build a global company that will bring health to the millions of people who snore . We are not there yet. But Goodsomnia keeps moving….

Strategy overview

The Goodsomnia strategy has profitable growth, unique eco-system of products, strong brand, operational excellence and dedicated employees to reach its vision: to be the best stop-snoring products company in the world.

Our business


Goodsomnia teams vision:

Goodsomnia team vision: To build a global company that will bring relief and improves health to the millions of people who snore and have mild OSA problems, and to have its own snore and research lab.

Strategy overview

The Goodsomnia strategy has profitable growth, unique eco-system of products, strong brand, operational excellence and dedicated employees to reach its vision: to be the best stop-snoring products company in the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to human health around the globe, by developing the most innovative technology and progressive medical tools for snoring treatment and health screening. We are passionate about reinventing the future of healthcare and human well-being.

Our aim is to connect biomechanical human markers with smart data services through analysis to make treatment much more effective. Today, Goodsomnia AB has collected a big community of passionate people, who aspire to build a company of innovators and investors, committed to using the innovations in Digital Health and Medical Technologies, data science, mobile tech, IoT, and machine learning in order to preserve human health and wellness.


Our team

Hans-Jörgen Henriksson,
Founder & CEO.

Hans-Jorgen is a serial entrepreneur and former tech innovator within the IT and telecom area. He loves to invent and translate ideas into innovative products or further develop existing products to fit other business areas. Over many years he has obtained several global patents. In his free time he likes travelling, cooking and mountain biking.

Robert Aslund

Robert has thirty years experience of the whole spectrum from development to sales of high tech systems in fast-growing medtech and biotech companies, both in Sweden and in the US, with the emphasis on product management, marketing and business development.

Carl Zide
Global Marketing Advisor

Carl has worked in leading roles within marketing and communication for a range of different fast-growing companies within gambling, dating, automotive and real estate. In his free time he enjoys being with his family and doing outdoor activities.


Andrey Fadeev
Software engineer

Andrey is a passionate software engineer, who has interests in history, philosophy, psychology and medicine. He has been in software development for over ten years. When not coding, which is pretty rare, he prefers to read a book, listen to music, practice a yoga or thai massage.

Oksana Pashchenko
Global Marketing Manager

Oksana is skilled at brand building/communication, digital-marketing and eCom. She innovates and realizes projects potential through smart use of digital technology. With over 6 years experience in eCom and digital marketing, Oksana is able to quickly adapt to new challenges. She offers strategic direction that helps to completely transform and enhance web projects.


Olena Budai
Digital Marketing Manager

Olena has almost 4 years of experience in medical digital marketing. She likes brainstorming and developing ideas for creative marketing campaigns. Olena’s favorite tools are Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys sport and traveling.

Our advisory board

Gregory Garyuk

Gregory Garyuk is Head of Otolaryngology and Pediatrik Otolaryngology Department of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine.

Yana Gomza

Yana Gomza is head of Otolaryngology Department at Alexander City Clinical Hospital and National Medical University. Kiev.

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